Common Cologne

1 drachm oil of bergamot. 1 drachm oil lavender. 1 drachm oil lemon. 10 drops oil of rose. 10 drops oil of jasmine. 1 ounce essence ambergris. 1 pint spirits of wine. Mix and let stand in a cool place for a month.

Eau De Cologne

Alcohol, 8 pints. Orange flower water, pint. Oil of citronella, 2 ounces. Oil of geranium, 2 ounces. Oil of jasmine, 2 ounces.

Rose-water, 1 pint. Oil of verbena, 2 ounces. Oil of heliotrope, 2 ounces. Oil of lemon, 2 ounces. Oil of cedrat, 2 ounces.

Oil of nutmegs, 1 ounce.

Mix and filter twice. Compound tincture of benzoin just enough to give the whole a rich color.

Lavender Water

Oil lavender, 2 ounces; camphor, ounce; water, 4 ounces; alcohol, 2 pints.

Bay Rum

gallon alcohol, ounce of oil of bay. Take out 1 pint of the alcohol and dissolve the oil in it; then pour back into the other alcohol and add quart of soft water. It can be perfumed if wished.