Carrot Pie

Make same as Sweet Potato Pie. This is healthful and nourishing even for dyspeptics if the Hygienic Cream Pie-crust is used.

Molasses Pie

Line a tin with plain paste. Put teacup molasses, then a layer of crust, thin as a wafer, then more molasses and again a thin crust. Cover with molasses, put on the top crust. Bake. Very nice way to use left-over paste.

Huckleberry Or Elderberry Pies

Line a pie-tin with good paste. Fill with the berries. Add 2/3 cup sugar, 2 table-spoonfuls vinegar and a dusting of flour. Put on an upper crust and bake. Lemon juice may be used instead of vinegar and will be found an improvement. Canned berries may be used in the same way. Currants mixed with either of the berries gives a good tart. Omit the vinegar in this case.

Peach Pie

Slice and fill the pie, seasoning with sugar, a dusting of flour and a little water. If the peaches are not mellow stew them before making into a pie. Bake with two crusts or make as a Tart Pie.

Dried Peach Pie

The peaches should be soaked in water over night, stewed soft and sweetened before making into pies. Bake with two crusts.

Currant And Gooseberry Pies

Currants and gooseberries are the best for pies when half green, though they will answer when ripe. Currants mixed with ripe raspberries make good pies. Green currants and gooseberries will be found sweeter for pies if the sugar is scalded in before using. Stew them on a moderate fire with 1 teacup of water to 2 quarts of the fruit. When they begin to break add sugar in the proportion of 2/3 cups of sugar to a pint of the fruit. Let scald a few minutes. Dredge the pies with flour, cover with an upper crust., When used without stewing put to each layer of fruit a thick layer of sugar. Use a little flour and 2 tablespoonfuls of water to each pie. Green currant pies are good sweetened with molasses and sugar mixed.

Grape Pie

Grapes make the best pies when green. If not very small they should be stewed and strained to remove the seeds. Sweeten to the taste when stewed. Dredge with flour. If made into a pie without stewing put a thick layer of sugar to each layer of fruit and add a tablespoonful of water and dust with flour. Bake with two crusts. All fruit pies should have a slit in the crust for the escape of steam.

Raspberry Or Blackberry Pies

These pies should be baked in deep tins lined with paste., Sweeten thoroughly, dredge with flour and cover with an upper crust. Raspberries and currants, half and half, make a nice pie.

Cherry Pie

Pit the cherries and proceed as for berry pies.

Sweet Marlborough Pie

1 pint of the grated pulp of sweet apples.

1 pint sweet milk.

2 eggs.

1 tablespoonful melted butter.

Sweeten if necessary. Beat the eggs to a froth. Stir in the sugar, then the other ingredients. This makes two pies. Bake in deep plates without an upper crust. Flavor with grated lemon peel or the extract.

Banana Pie

Fill a pie shell, already baked, with sliced bananas and powdered sugar. Put in the oven a few minutes until the fruit softens. Very nice so, but far better to cover the top with whipped cream and serve at once. Flavor with lemon juice.

Jelly Pie

3 eggs beaten.

2 tablespoonfuls sugar. 1 teacupful cream.

6 tablespoonfuls jelly.

1 tablespoonful melted butter.

Flavor with lemon or nutmeg. Light colored jelly makes the most attractive pie. Very tart jelly may require more sugar. Bake in an under-crust. This makes two pies.

Peach Or Apple Cobbler

Make a very nice cream or soda biscuit dough. Fill a pudding dish 1/3 full of ripe apples or peaches pared and quartered. Sprinkle with sugar. Add some of the dough in small pieces. Fill to within $ of the top with quartered fruit. Sugar, 1 teaspoonful butter. Cover with a thick crust. Make several slits in the top. Pour in a cup of water. Bake one hour. Serve hot with cream and sugar, or milk and sugar.

Fried Pies

Use the same dough as for a cobbler. Roll out about the size of a plate. Put a spoonful of dried apple or peach sauce (other kinds will answer) on one side of the paste, turn the other over. Pinch the edges together smoothly and fry in hot lard like doughnuts.