Peanut Candy

1 cupful of sugar, 1 cupfuls New Orleans molasses, 1 cupfuls water, 1 teaspoonful butter. Boil until it snaps in water. Before removing from the stove stir in tea-spoonful soda dissolved in 1 teaspoonful hot water, and 1 quart of roasted peanuts. Take care to have the kernel free from the shell and inside covering. Pour in buttered pans and mark in squares while cooling.

Peanut Candy (II)

12 pounds of A sugar, 1 pint molasses, 1 teacupful water. Let this melt and boil slightly, then strain and add 1 teaspoonful acetic acid; cook until it begins to thicken. To this quantity add 5 pounds of raw shelled peanuts, boil until brittle, then cool. Stir constantly after the peanuts are added to prevent burning. In cooling, a large sheet of tin, a dripping-pan, or a polished marble surface may be used. Spread over the surface inch thick. This should be cut in oblong pieces before it cools.

Maple Nut Candy

2 pounds of maple sugar, pint water. Boil until brittle, when dropped in cold water. Butter the pans, and spread nut-meats (any kind) on the bottom, pour the boiling taffy over them.

Hickory -Nut Candy

Make same as first recipe for Peanut Candy.

Popcorn Candy

Make a common molasses candy. Have corn nicely popped; grind it fine in a coffee-mill, and when the candy is ready to remove from the fire, stir in as much of the ground corn as possible, and pour the whole into tin trays or dripping-pans (well buttered), marking squares when partly cool. This is a very delicious, tender candy.

Popcorn Balls (Molasses)

To 6 quarts of popped corn, boil 1 pint of molasses fifteen minutes. Turn the corn in a large pan and pour the boiled molasses over it, stirring briskly until thoroughly mixed. Then, with clean hands, slightly battered, make into balls the desired size.

Popcorn Balls (Sugar)

1 teacupful sugar, teacupful water, butter size of walnut. Boil until it is brittle. When cool pour over the corn, stirring briskly. When sufficiently cool, form into balls the desired size.

Popcorn (Sugared)

Put in an iron kettle 1 tablespoonful butter, 3 tablespoonfuls water, and 1 cupful sugar; boil until it candies, then throw in 8 quarts of nicely popped corn, and stir briskly until the candy is evenly distributed. Set the kettle from the fire, and continue stirring until it is partly cooled, and each grain is separate and crystallized with the sugar. Nice to. mix with other confections.

Horehound Candy

1 cupful sugar, 1/3 cupful strong hore-hound tea. Boil until it candies. Pull, or pour on buttered plates to cool.

Almond Macaroons

Blanch and pulverize pound of shelled almonds; rub fine, add a little rose-water. Beat the whites of 3 eggs to a stiff froth. Stir in gradually 1 pound of granulated sugar. Drop by small spoonfuls on buttered paper in tins an inch or two apart, as they spread in baking. Bake a light brown in a quick oven, first sifting white sugar over them.

Cocoanut Macaroons

1 pound of pulverized white sugar, pound flour, pound butter, 2 cocoanuts, grated, and the whites of 6 eggs, beaten to a stiff froth. Stir all together; drop the mixture on buttered paper, in tins, and proceed as for almond macaroons.