Pound Cake

1 pound pulverized sugar. 1 pound of butter. 10 eggs.

1 pound of flour.

cupful of sweet milk.

1 teaspoonfuls baking-powder.

Rub the butter to a cream, add the beaten yolk of eggs, sift in the sugar, flour and baking-powder; add the beaten whites of eggs last and flavor. The cake is improved by adding pound of citron sliced, or pound of almonds blanched and powdered fine with rose water. Flavor with rose water or any other flavoring. This will make two large loaves.

Water Pound Cake

8 eggs.

1 cupful of cold water. 1 teaspoonful cream-tartar. Nutmeg to flavor.

2 cupfuls of sugar.

3 cupfuls of flour.

teaspoonful of soda. | cupful butter.