Boil four pounds of good cherries in a quart of water till quite soft, then pass through a hair sieve. Put the juice back on the fire with a piece of vanilla and half a pound of lump sugar. Let it boil for twenty minutes. Take a packet of French semolina,; drop in a sufficient quantity to thicken the juice, sirring all the time; when this has boiled up, proceed as in the former receipt. Rhubarb might be tried in this way.

Much the same sweet can be made in winter in the following way: A pint and a half of red wine, and a pint and a half of bottled fruit syrup. These must be mixed together and brought to the boil. Mix four spoonfuls of cornflour with a little cold syrup kept back for the purpose, and stir this into the boiling liquid. It is most important to keep stirring all the time. It must be boiled for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Currants - red, white, and black - are excellent left on their stalks, well washed, and then dipped into the white of a very fresh raw egg, rolled in finely pounded sugar,