Canary Color For Cotton

For 5 pounds of goods take 1/2 pound sugar of lead; dissolve it in hot water; 1/4 pound bichromate of potash dissolved in cold water in a wooden pail. Dip the goods first in the lead-water and then in the potash, continuing until the color suits.


Five pounds fustic, 10 pounds of goods. Put the fustic into water and almost boil for 12 hours. Then remove the chips and put in the yarn or goods and boil 1/2 hour. Take it out and add 2 pounds of alum. Dip again for 1/2 hour. Take out the goods and stir into the dye 1 tablespoon composition and let it boil, stirring it well together. Then dip till the color suits.


Dip rags in a blue dye, then in the yellow. Wring out and shake before drying.


Two and a half pounds of camwood, one pound of fustic. Boil in a brass kettle half an hour. Boil five pounds of goods one hour; cool, and add 1 ounce of blue vitrol and two quarts of copperas water to the dye and boil five minutes; then let cool and put in your goods till the color suits.

Orange For Cotton

Prepare a strong lime-water - the stronger the deeper the color. Pour off the water and boil. While boiling, dip the goods previously colored yellow into it. Will not fade.


Ten cents' worth of cudbear tied in a bag, 1 pail of water. Heat scalding hot. Dip the cloth into warm suds, and then into the dye for 15 or 20 minutes. Dry, then wash in clean soap and water, and rinse.


Mrs. Hollett.

Three ounces solution tin, 4 ounces powdered cochineal. Boil the latter in water enough to cover the goods for about 6 minutes, then add the tin. Put in goods and boil 1/2 hour. Rinse in cold water, and dry in the shade.

Cochineal Red

Cochineal, 1 1/2 ounces; cream of tartar, 2 ounces; muriate of tin, 2 ounces. Yarn or cloth, 1 pound. Put the cochineal into water sufficient for the goods, and set over the fire. When warm add the cream of tartar. When scalding hot, *54 put in the tin. Boil the goods in the dye 1/2 hour. Rinse in warm water. Color in brass. If the muriate of tin cannot be procured, use muriatic acid and pour on pieces of tin and let it remain over night. The muriate of tin will be formed and can be used in the morning.

Madder Red

One pound of yarn or cloth, 8 ounces madder, 3 ounces alum, 1 ounce cream of tartar. Five gallons soft water. Let it boil with the alum and cream of tartar. Put in the goods and boil 2 hours. Take out, air, rinse in clear water. Pour the liquor away and prepare the same quantity of water as before. Put in the madder broken fine. Heat the water. Enter the goods. Stir constantly 1 hour; then let it boil 5 minutes. Take out, rinse in cold water; then wash through three suds.

Wine Color

For 2 pounds woolen goods, 1 pound camwood, boiled 15 minutes in water sufficient to cover goods. Put goods in; boil 1 hour - air them. Then add a little blue vitrol or copperas, and dip the goods until the shade is as desired.

Yellow For Cotton

Six pounds of goods in water, to wet through. Nine ounces sugar of lead dissolved in the same quantity of water. Six ounces bichromate of potash in the same quantity of water. Keep separate. Dip the goods first into the sugar of lead water, then into the potash-water, then into the sugar of lead water again. Dry. Rinse in cold water and dry again.

Turkey Red For Cotton

For 4 pounds of goods, take 1 pound sumac in water that will cover the goods. Soak over night, wring out, rinse in soft water. Take 2 ounces muriate of tin in clear, soft water, put the clothes in for 15 minutes. Put 3 pounds bur-wood in cold soft water in a boiler on the stove, and nearly boil it; then let cool, add the cloth and boil 1 hour. Take out the cloth, add 1 ounce oil of vitriol to the water, return the cloth and boil 15 minutes. Rinse in cold water.


OUR book would not be complete without a department for odds and ends, this that, and the other, etc. We give a few very valuable recipes for many different purposes. They have all been compiled with great care, and are highly recommended.

Bloom Of Youth

Pure, soft water, 1 pint; pulverized castile soap, 2 ounces; emulsion of bitter almonds, 3 ounces; rosewater, 4 ounces; orange-flower water, 4 ounces; tincture of benzoin, 1 drachm; borax, 1/2 drachm. Add 5 grains bi-chloride of mercury to every 8 ounces of the mixture. Apply to the face with a cotton or linen cloth.

Oriental Cold Cream

Oil of almonds, 4 ounces; white wax, 2 drachms; spermaceti, 2 drachms. Melt, and add rosewater, 4 ounces; orange-flower water, 1 ounce. Used to soften the skin; apply with a soft rag.

Freckles - To Remove

Mix together 2 ounces lemon juice (or 1/2 drachm powdered borax) and 1 drachm sugar. Let stand in a glass bottle a few days. Rub on the face occasionally.