Mulled Buttermilk

Make a thickening of 1 tablespoon flour and cold buttermilk, and stir into a pint of boiling buttermilk. Stir constantly after putting it on the stove. Add a little allspice, and sweeten to the taste, Pour over pieces of toast.

Alum Whey

Half ounce powdered alum. Mix with 1 pint sweet milk. Strain and add nutmeg and sugar.

Buttermilk Whey

Boil a pint of fresh buttermilk. Add a pinch of salt, a teaspoon lump sugar, and nutmeg, if liked. Pour off, and sweeten to taste.

Rennet Whey

One quart milk, almost boiling, 2 tablespoons prepared rennet, or a piece of rennet which has been soaked in water. Sugar to taste. Stir the rennet into-the hot milk; let stand until cool, and strain.

Wine Whey

Boil 1 pint milk, add 1/2 cup of acid wine; let boil up. Then set aside till the curd settles. Pour off, and sweeten the whey with loaf sugar to taste.

Beaten Egg

Beat a fresh egg very light, add a little sugar, and stir into a tumbler of milk.

Egg Lemonade

Beat the white of 1 fresh egg, juice of I lemon and a teaspoon sugar into a glass of water. A pleasant and nourishing drink in low fevers, dysentery, inflammation of stomach, pneumonia, etc.

Flaxseed Lemonade

Three tablespoons whole flaxseed to 1 quart boiling water; let stand until very thick; then strain over the juice of 1 lemon and powdered gum arabic; sweeten to taste.

Baked Milk

Put 1/2 gallon milk in a jar and tie down with writing paper. Let stand in a moderate oven 8 or 10 hours. It will then be like cream, and is good for consumptives and invalids generally.

Lime-Water And Milk

One wine-glass lime water, mixed with 1 goblet milk. Can be retained in the stomach when it rejects everything else. It may be taken as often as desired.

Roasted Potatoes

Select large potatoes, and roast them in hot ashes. When done, press firmly in a cloth with the hand; then take the inside out on a plate and season lightly with butter.

Broiled Chicken Or Quail

Use the breast, and broil over hot coals, or on a wire-broiler, on both sides. Season lightly with butter, pepper, and salt. Serve on a dainty plate, with a dainty piece of toast and jelly.

Arrowroot Jelly

Mix 3 tablespoons arrowroot with water or milk until perfectly smooth; boil the peel of 1 lemon in a pint of water until reduced one-half; take out the peel and pour in the dissolved arrowroot; sweeten it, and boil 5 minutes.

Chicken Jelly

Cut a large chicken into very small pieces, break the bones, put into a stone jar, water-tight; set the jar into a kettle of boiling water and boil 3 hours; strain off the liquid and put in a cold place. Season with loaf sugar, salt, pepper, mace, and lemon-juice.

Rice Jelly

Rice, 1/4 pound; loaf sugar, 1/2 pound; water sufficient to cover it, spice or lemon peel. Boil the rice until dissolved; strain and season; set away until cold.