Wear gloves to the table, and remove them when seated.

A gentlemen must see that the lady whom he escorted is helped to whatever she wishes, but should not offer to help others who have escorts.

Eat raw oysters with a fork.

Eat soup from the side of a spoon, and silently. Do not tip the plate for the last spoonful.

Eat fish with a fork.

Do not mix your food on the plate.

Eat cheese with a fork. Macaroni also.

Eat game and fowl with a fork. Cut the meat from the bones with a knife, but do not carry a bone to the mouth at a dinner party.

Do not use your own knife and fork for purposes for which other knives and forks are provided.

Do not use the edge of the table-cloth for a napkin.

Do not eat noisily.

Do not soil the table-cloth by setting a dripping cup of tea or coffee on it.

Drink tea or coffee from the cup and not from the saucer.

Do not soil the cloth by laying the knife and fork on it, instead of on the plate.

Do not partake too freely of any delicacy.

Do not speak in boisterous tones at the table.

Do not use a handkerchief if it can possibly be avoided. If obliged to cough, turn the head and hide the mouth with the napkin.

Do not speak of disagreeable subjects or loathsome objects at the table.

Do not stir the tea or coffee noisily, or so as to spill it.

Do not, by word or manner, take exceptions to any article of food set before you. If anything disagreeable is found in your food, put it aside quietly and without remark.

When a dish is particularly inviting, it may be spoken of in praise to the hostess.

Eat slowly.

Pay no attention to accidents.

Do not lean the elbows on the table, or tip the chair.

To use the finger-bowl, dip the fingers in lightly and wipe them on the napkin. Never pick the teeth at the table.

Do not fold the napkin when done with it at a dinner party.

When taking leave after the close of the dinner, thank the hostess for the enjoyment conferred upon you.