Put 1/2 bushel lime in a vessel, pour on boiling water to slake it, and cover it during the slaking process. Strain through a strainer, and add a peck of salt that is dissolved in warm water; then add 3 pounds ground rice boiled to a thin paste and stirred in while boiling hot; 1/2 pound powdered Spanish whiting, and 1 pound clear glue, which has been dissolved. Put this kettle of whitewash into a larger one filled with hot water. Add 5 gallons hot water to the mixture, stir well, and let stand a few days, covered from the dirt. Apply it hot. A pint will do a square yard of the outside of a house. It is as good as paint for the outside or inside, and will keep brilliant for years. Will answer for wood, brick, or stone. It may be tinted for walls, if liked. Chrome, added, makes a pretty yellow wash. Finely-pulverized common clay well mixed with Spanish brown makes a reddish stone color. Spanish brown alone, added, makes a deep pink. The above recipe is the famous one used on the White House in Washington.


One-fourth pound light-colored glue; 5 pounds Paris white. Soak glue over night in a quart of warm water. Next day, add a pint of water and set in a vessel of boiling water, and stir till the is well dissolved. Put the Paris white into a large bucket, pour on hot water, and stir until it is creamy. Add the prepared glue, mix thoroughly, and apply with a white-wash brush. Every time the brush is put into the pail the kalsomine should be stirred from the bottom. If a reddish or pink tint is wanted, add Spanish brown, till of the desired shade. This will be sufficient for a room 18 feet square.