Paste the floor of the room over with newspapers. Over this, paste wall paper of a pattern to look like carpet or oilcloth. Put down as smoothly as possible, match it nicely where the widths come together. Use good flour paste. Then size and varnish it. Dark glue and common furniture varnish may be used. Place a rug here and there, and your room is carpeted.

How To Save Stair Carpets

Stair carpets should always have a slip of paper, or a padding made of cheap cotton batting, tacked in a cheap muslin put under them, at and over the edge of every stair, which is the part where they wear first. The strips should be within an inch or two as long as the carpet is wide and about four or five inches in breadth. A piece of old carpet answers better than paper if you have it. This plan will keep a stair carpet in good condition for a much longer time than without it.

Lining Stair Carpets

Mrs. Clarissa O. Keeler, Baltimore, Maryland.

A stair carpet lined with new cotton will almost never wear out. It saves the strain, especially if moved occasionally so that the wear does not come all the time in the same place.

Patching Carpets

Take pieces of cloth and paste over the holes with a paste made of gum tragacanth and water.

Sweeping Carpets

Use coarse wet salt for sweeping both matting and carpeting. It keeps the dust down and brightens the carpet.