H. C. Strong, Chicago.

Add sulphate of lime to the usual ingredients. The proportions of the sulphate vary according to the quality of soap to be produced. About 3/4 pound is sufficient for 1 ton of best soap, whereas, in common or highly-liquored soap 6 or 8 pounds of it may be used to advantage. If 25 pounds of soap are made, put in a teaspoon of sulphate. Soap made with this addition becomes hardened, keeps dry, and is not liable to shrink while in water. Its durability is increased and it does not wear or waste away before its cleansing properties are brought into action.

Hard Soap

Pour 4 gallons boiling water over 6 pounds of sal soda and 3 pounds unslaked lime. Stir well and let settle until perfectly clear. It is better to let it stand all night, as it takes some time for the sediment to settle. When clear, strain the water, put 6 pounds of fat with it and boil for 2 hours, stirring it most of the time. If it does not seem thin enough, put another gallon of water on the grounds, stir and drain off, and add as is wanted to the boiling mixture. Its thickness can be tried by occasionally putting a little on a plate to cool. Stir in a handful of salt just before taking off the fire. Have a tub ready soaked to prevent the soap from sticking, pour it in and let it stand until solid, and you will have 40 pounds nice white soap.

Hard Soap

Five gallons rain water, 5 pounds soda ash, 3 pounds grease, 2 1/2 pounds unslaked lime. Boil 3 or 4 hours until the grease dissolves.

Mrs. Moody's Detersive Soap

Shave fine half a bar of common washing soap. Dissolve in 1 quart of boiling water. Add 2 tablespoons each of turpentine and alcohol. It is a great aid in house cleans ing - will remove grease or dirt easily.

Ox-Gall Soap

Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher.

Ox-gall soap is an excellent article to use in cleansing woolens, silks, or fine prints liable to fade. To make it, take 1 pint of gall, cut into it 2 pounds of common bar soap very fine, and add 1 quart boiling soft water. Boil slowly, stirring occasionally until well mixed, then pour into a flat vessel, and when cold cut into pieces to dry. When using, make a suds of it, but do not rub it on the article to be washed.

Transparent Soap

Slice 6 pounds nice yellow bar soap fine. Put into a brass or tin kettle with 1/2 gallon alcohol and heat gradually over a slow fire, stirring till all is dissolved. Then add 1 ounce sassafras essence and stir until well mixed. Pour into pans 1 1/2 inches deep, let get cold, and cut into square bars.

Shaving Soap

Castile soap, 1/2 pound, white bar soap, 1 1/2 pounds, beef's gall, 1 pint, spirits of turpentine, 1/2 gill, rain water, 1 pint. Shave the soap fine, put ingredients all together and boil 5 minutes after the soap is dissolved. Stir all the time. Scent with oil of rose or any other preferred.

White Soap

Five pounds hard soap, 1 quart lye, 1/4 ounce pearl-ash, all dissolved on the stove, then add 1/2 pint spirits turpentine, 1 gill spirits hartshorn. Stir well.

German Yellow Soap

One pound tallow, 1 pound sal soda, 7 ounces rosin, 4 ounces stone lime, 1 ounce palm oil, 1 quart soft water. Put soda, lime and water together and let boil, stirring well. Then let settle, and pour off the lye. In another kettle melt the tallow, rosin and palm oil. When all the ingredients are hot, mix well together.

Good Soft Soap

Mix 10 pounds potash in 10 gallons warm soft water over night. In the morning boil it, adding 6 pounds grease. Put all in a barrel and add 15 gallons soft water.

Soft Soap From Lye

Put the ashes in a barrel or hopper. Pour water on every day and keep pouring back and let it drain through again, or boil it down until it is strong enough to eat a feather. Then put in the grease until the lye will not take any more. Boil together till thick enough.

Sun Soap, Or Cold Soap

Put 1 pound of cleansed grease to each gallon of lye strong enough to bear up an egg. Set in the sun and stir each day until it is good fair soap.

Eureka Cleansing Fluid

Mrs. E. E. Bower.

One pint deodorized benzine, 1 ounce alcohol, 1 ounce spirits ammonia. Shake well when using. Will take out grease of all kinds from all fabrics without injury to color. Apply with a sponge and rub well. When dry, rub over with a slightly warm iron. It is good for renewing all black goods. It leaves the hands soft and white.

Renovating Carpets And Rugs

Directions for making one gallon. Take 1 pound or bar of borax soap, shave in fine pieces. Dissolve in I gallon of boiling water. After thoroughly dissolved, remove from stove. Let stand in cool place for 5 minutes, then add sulphuric ether, 1 ounce; glycerine, 1 ounce; alcohol, 1 ounce; aqua ammonia, No. 4 F., 6 ounces. Do not add the last near the fire, as they are inflammable. Use same as common soap. Also good for cleaning paint.