Paint the bunion over with iodine.

Frozen Feet - To Cure

Get some lumps of fresh lime and make a foot-tub full of strong whitewash mixture, and immerse the feet in it as hot as may be borne. This remedy is to cure that disagreeable itching that troubles one after having frozen the feet. This itching will come on night after night and season after season. The relief will be instantaneous. Let them remain half an hour in the whitewash. They will be shriveled up, but free from pain. Rub them briskly and great rolls of dead cuticle will peel off. Anoint with mutton tallow, put on some cotton stockings, and go to bed. Repeat the application if necessary, but it will require but two or three to effect a cure.

Chilblains - To Cure

Oil of spike rubbed on twice a day will often effect a cure in a few days.

Corns - To Cure

Sir Humphrey Davy's Recipe.

Two drachms potash and 1 drachm salt of sorrel. Mix into a fine powder. Put on enough to cover the corn for four successive nights, binding it on with a cloth.

Corns can often be cured by paring them down and rubbing on a little strong vinegar or acetic acid every night. Each morning, rub them over with lard or olive oil.

The latest cure for soft corns is this: Wash and dry the foot thoroughly, and put on a sprinkling of dry sulphur night and morning for several weeks, and a cure is assured.

Warts - To Remove

Apply oil of cinnamon to the wart for three successive days, and it will disappear very shortly.

Warts - To Cure

Get from a Homoeopathic pharmacy a small vial of causti-cum. Give half a dozen pellets three times a day for three weeks and the warts will disappear.

[This 1 could not credit had 1 not tried it in my own family. The child's hands were literally covered with these excrescences, and more were coming all the time. But this remedy effected a cure in less than a month. - Ed.]

Moles - To Remove

Mrs. S. C. A. White, Maywood, Ill.

Apply nitric acid with a pointed quill toothpick. When it dries, pick it off and apply again until the mole is entirely removed. It leaves a slight white spot, which grows dimmer with age.

Felon - To Cure

Mrs. J. J. Bower, Erie, Pa.

Make a poultice of raw onions and change every six hours. I have cured many cases with this. Never knew it to fail if kept on. Have always drawn out the poison in from twelve to thirty-six hours.


If poison of almost any kind has been swallowed it may be rendered harmless by swallowing immediately half a pint of sweet oil.

Ivy Poison - Or Bee Sting

Apply olive oil and relief instantly follows.

Mustard Poultice

To make a mustard poultice that will draw and not blister, mix the mustard with white of egg.

Linseed Poultice - To Make

Make a flannel bag 8 by 12 inches, leaving one end open. Leave an end of flannel projecting over the opening, so it can be folded over and basted when the poultice is put in. Fasten a tape at each corner, to use in keeping the bag in position. Get another piece of flannel twice as long as the bag is wide and the same width as the length of the bag. Mix crushed flax seed with boiling water rather soft, and pour it into the bag, already heated before the fire. Fasten the end over by basting, and wrap the strip of flannel (well-heated) around the bag and fasten it in place with string or safety-pins. A layer of cotton-batting may be put outside also. Thus a boiling hot poultice may be used. The layers of flannel allow a gradual passing of the heat to the skin. The increase of the heat is so gradual through the flannel conductors that there is no painful sensation.