Baked Tomatoes

Select large ripe ones. Make a hole in the center and stuff with bread-crumbs, seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper. Place in a deep pan with a cup of water, and bake.

Fried Rips Tomatoes

Miss May F. Johnston, New York City.

Slice the tomatoes thin and dip lightly in cracker dust. Fry in butter until a rich brown, then remove to a platter. Make a gravy by adding milk to the butter in which the tomatoes were fried, thickened with a very little flour, and seasoned with pepper and salt, and pour over the tomatoes.

Fried Tomatoes And Onions

Slice onions and green tomatoes thin, and fry in drippings the same as you would fry onions alone. Season with salt and pepper.

Scalloped Tomatoes

Peel and slice nice, smooth, ripe tomatoes. Place in a - baking-dish a layer with salt and pepper; then a layer of bread or cracker crumbs, with small lumps of butter. Repeat till the dish is full; bake about an hour; onion may be added, if liked. Green tomatoes similarly scalloped are said to be even better than ripe ones.

Stewed Tomatoes

Scald and skin the desired number, and place in a stew-pan without water; let them simmer for half an hour. Add pepper, salt, and a good-sized piece of butter. Grate a few bits of stale bread over all; boil up once, and serve very hot. A nice variation in stewed tomatoes is to put into the stewpan 2 tablespoons raw rice to a quart of tomatoes when first put over to cook. Stew tender and season palatably.

Stewed Green Tomatoes

Mrs. Charles Knight, Stockport, N. Y.

Cut the ends off, slice thin, and stew for half an hour. Season palatably with salt and pepper. Mix an egg with some grated bread crumbs, allowing about half a cup to a quart of tomatoes, stir in at the last. Add a tablespoon of butter, and serve hot.