Scottish Short-Bread

4 cups fine flour. 2 cups butter.

1 cup white sifted sugar.

Knead well together without any wetting. After it is thoroughly worked and kneaded, roll out to half an inch thickness and put it on a paper in a dripping-pan, and bake slowly until done and crisp. It is customary to put a few carawav seeds and bits of orange peel on top.

Bread For Communion

Mrs. M. T. Hurford, Brownsville, Pa.

4 cups flour. 2/3 cup sugar.

1 tablespoon butter.

2 teaspoons baking powder.

Mix with sweet milk as stiff as biscuit dough and bake in one loaf.

How To Freshen Stale Bread, Biscuit, Or Cake

Dip in cold water tor an instant, then put into a hot oven for 10 minutes.

Steamed Bread Or Biscuit

Very dry bread or biscuit are very nice for breakfast if steamed a few minutes.

Bread And Tomato Omelet

Dip thin slices of bread in tomato sauce and fry in butter, until brown.

Bread Omelet

Mrs. Z. B. Glynn, East Boston, Mass.

Put bread crumbs into a saucepan with cream or milk; salt and pepper. When the bread has absorbed the cream, break in as many eggs as will suffice for the meal, and fry as omelet.