Cut bread in even slices of medium thickness. Spread thinly with butter. Divide the slice in two. Lay on one half a thin slice of any cold meat, boiled or roasted, or pressed meat of any kind, or grated ham and mustard. Lay the other half of the slice on. Biscuit may be used instead of bread.

Cheese Sandwich

Take slices of brown bread and butter and put slices of rich cheese between. Place on a plate in a hot oven and let the bread toast. Serve very hot. Allow one sandwich for each person.

Rolled Sandwiches

Cut freshly-made bread lengthwise of the loaf with a sharp knife, in thin, even slices. Spread with butter before cutting. They are nicer to discard the crust entirely Then put on a thin layer of grated ham. Roll up like a jelly-roll. Wrap tightly in a cloth to keep them in shape until wanted. Serve the same day the bread is made if possible.

Minced Ham Sandwiches

Chop ham fine and mix with mustard, pepper, and chopped pickles, and put between slices of buttered bread.