Quince Marmalade

Pare and core the quinces, and cut up small. Boil the parings and cores in water that covers them. When soft, strain through a cloth. Add the quinces and sugar (1/2 a pound to each pound of fruit). Boil all together over a clear fire until smooth and thick. Stir and watch almost constantly. When cold, put in glass jars.

Wild Plum Marmalade

Author's Recipe.

Take the plums that remain in the jelly-bag and rub through a sieve. To this, take a pound of sugar to each pint, and cook thoroughly. Watch, and stir almost constantly. Try it in a dish, and when it will harden like jelly, it is done.

Cherry Marmalade

Pit the cherries and put them through a coarse sieve. To each pound of pulp add 3/4 pound of sugar, and to every 3 pounds add a cup of currant juice. Boil all together until it will set like jelly. Put up in glasses or jars.

Orange Marmalade

Take bitter oranges and allow an equal weight of sugar. Pare off the yellow peel and cut it into thin shreds, and these into inch pieces. Boil the shreds an hour to take away the bitter taste. Then drain, and throw away the water. Cut the oranges up, saving every bit of juice and pulp, but not the seeds or white skins. Put pulp, juice, shreds, and sugar into a preserving-kettle, and stir until it boils. Let boil 1/2 hour, skim, pour into jars. When cold, cover with paper, and put away.

[Marmalade is very nice to serve with dinners if put up in prettily-shaped bowls. It will turn out whole, like jelly.]

Apple Butter

Mrs. Azuba Mcllvain, Maysville, Ky.

For 10 gallons of apple butter take 6 bushels apples; peel, quarter, and core. Stew in water and put through a sieve when soft enough. Take 12 gallons of cider and boil it down to 3 gallons. Do this, and stew the apples and sift them the same day. The next day put the boiled cider and the sifted apples together, and cook all day, stirring all the time. An hour before taking off, add 8 pints coffee sugar and 3 ounces ground cinnamon.

Apple Butter-Smaller Quantity

Take 9 gallons of cider, boil down to 3 gallons; then add to the boiling cider about 3 gallons of apples that have been pared and quartered; boil rapidly for about 2 hours without ceasing, to prevent the apples from sinking. By this time they are well reduced, and will begin to sink; thus far, no stirring has been done, but must be commenced as soon as the apples begin to sink, or they will scorch. Spice to suit the taste. Stir without ceasing until it is reduced to a thick smooth pulp, which will take about half an hour. Apple butter made in this way has been kept perfectly good over 2 years, without sealing.

Apple Butter From Dried Apples

Four pounds dried apples, 2 pounds dried pumpkin. Let soak 12 hours in water to cover. Add 1 gallon glucose (or grape sugar); 1 quart boiled cider; 1 quart golden syrup. 6 pounds New Orleans sugar, 1/4 pound gelatine. A little mixed spice to suit the taste. Boil gently 1 hour, stirring all the time.

Plum Butter

One peck plums, 1/2 bushel sweet apples. Cook in separate kettles until quite soft, with just enough water to prevent sticking to the bottom. When soft, put through a colander into the same kettle, and to each pound add 3/4 pound white sugar. Let cook 1/2 hour. Seal up.

Tomato Butter

Mrs. E. L. Hill, Maysville, Ky.

One bushel ripe tomatoes, 1/2 bushel apples, 5 pounds brown sugar, 1 ounce each allspice, cinnamon, and cloves. Let come to a boil. Add the apples peeled and cored. Let cook together, watching very carefully, more than half a day, then add the sugar. The juice must cook out of them, and it takes an entire day to cook properly. An hour before taking off, add the spices.

How To Dry Currants

Put 1/2 pound sugar to 1 pound currants in layers in a crock, over night. Then heat, skim, boil 15 minntes, spread on plates to dry, either in the sun or a moderate oven. Put away in covered vessels, or in paper sacks.

How To Dry Cherries

Pit them, and to 1 pound add 1/2 pound sugar, and boil 20 minutes. Spread on dishes to dry. They may be dried without sugar, if preferred. Keep in a close sack or jar.

How To Dry Peaches

Peel, divide, sprinkle with sugar, and dry in the sun or oven. Put away covered.

How To Dry Gooseberries

Spread firm, ripe ones on dishes, and dry in a gentle heat of oven or sun.

Persimmons - To Keep

Put in a crock in alternate layers with nice, brown sugar, with sugar at bottom and top. Tie paper over.

Persimmons To Keep 40