Peach Paper

Take very ripe peaches. Peel, stone and mash fine. Spread on a smooth surface, a platter, marble slab, or board, and keep in the sun. When dry, sprinkle with white sugar and roll up. Good in winter.

Peach Rolls

Use Freestone peaches, mash them and put through a coarse sieve. To 2 quarts of pulp add a pint of brown sugar. Mix and cook for a couple of minutes. Spread on plates and put in the sun every day until it cleaves from the plates readily Dust white sugar over and roll up. Keep in a dry place. If the weather is good they will dry in 3 days.

Preserved Orange Peel

Weigh oranges whole, and allow pound for pound of sugar. Peel the oranges neatly and cut the rind into narrow shreds. Boil the rind until tender, changing the water twice, and replenishing with hot from the kettle. Squeeze the strained juice of the oranges over the sugar; let this heat to a boil; put in the shreds and boil 20 minutes. Lemon peel can be preserved in the same way, allowing more sugar.

Blackberry Jam

Allow 3/4 pound brown sugar to a pound of berries. Mash the berries, cook 20 minutes; add the sugar and let boil briskly 10 minutes. Seal up.

Currant Jam

Pick the currants from the stems, weigh them, and for each pound allow 3/4 pound sugar. Boil the currants alone for 15 minutes, then add the sugar. Let boil together, removing all the scum that rises. Mash, and stir almost constantly to prevent burning, In 20 minutes seal up.

White Currant Jam

Weigh an equal quantity of sifted white sugar and white currants picked over very carefully. Boil together 10 minutes, stirring gently, and skim it well. Add the juice of 1 lemon to 4 pounds of fruit. Seal hot.

Orange Jam

Take sweet oranges. Peel and put the pulp through a sieve. Put a pound of white sugar to each pound of pulp and juice. Boil 20 minutes together, and seal up.

Raspberry Jam

Use white sugar for red raspberries; brown sugar for black. Allow 3/4 pound for each pound of berries. Mash, and cook the berries alone for 20 minutes. Add the sugar, boil briskly for 10 minutes, skimming carefully. Seal up.

Strawberry Jam

Allow 3/4 pound white sugar for each pound of berries. Proceed as for raspberry jam.

Tomato Jam

Allow 1 pound brown sugar to each pound of peeled and sliced tomatoes. To every 6 pounds of tomatoes allow 1 lemon and 1 ounce white ginger-root. Place all together in a preserving kettle. Remove the seeds from the lemon and cut it in slices. Cook gently, watching constantly. Boil one hour and seal up.

Apple Marmalade

Twelve pounds apples, 3 pounds brown sugar, 3 lemons. Boil slowly. Mash. well.

Peach Marmalade

To a pound of fruit put 3/4 of a pound of sugar. Boil the its in water until the water is well flavored. Peel and quarter the peaches and add to the water (only enough to cover) after the pits are removed. In half an hour add the sugar. Stir constantly. Boil an hour after the sugar is added.