Dampen sawdust with water, and sprinkle ammonia on it and use on a carpet. It will brighten it very much.

Ink Stains

Can be removed from a carpet by freely pouring milk on the place, and leaving it to soak in for a time, then rub it so as to remove all ink, and scoop up remaining milk with a spoon; repeat the process with more milk, if necessary; then wash it off completely with clean cold water, and wipe it dry with cloths. If this is done when the ink is wet, the milk takes all stain out of woolen material instantly; but when it has dried, a little time is required.

Another method: As soon as the ink is spilled, put on salt, and cover well. Remove as fast as it becomes colored, and put on fresh. Continue this till the salt is white, sweep well, and no trace of ink will remain. Corn meal used similarly on coal oil spots on carpets, will remove every particle, even if a large quantity has been spilled.

Grease Spots

To remove grease from carpets, see recipe, page 438.

Grease may be removed from a white floor by making a common hasty pudding of corn-meal and laying it on the spot until cold.

To remove grease from wall paper pulverize a common clay pipe, mix it with water into a stiff paste, laying it on very carefully, letting it remain over night. Then lightly brush it off.

Grates - To Blacken

Asphaltum, 2 1/2 pounds; melt and add boiled oil, 1 pound; spirits of turpentine, 3 quarts. Mix. Apply when cold with a rag or brush. Very inflammable. Be cautious.

Oil-Cloths - To Clean

Take a soft cloth - an old knit under-garment is good, dampen it with kerosene and wipe the oil-cloth every day or two. Do not use water. Or, wash in skim milk and water. Rub with linseed oil every few weeks. Take but little, rub in well, and polish with an old silk cloth.

Furniture Polish - Very Superior

Fred S. Johnstone, Chicago.

Dissolve 1 ounce gum arabic in water. Add 1 ounce gum tragacanth, 1 ounce benzoin, 1/4 ounce wintergreen oil, 1 quart alcohol, 1 pint raw oil (linseed). Let stand about 24 hours. Always shake before using. If desired thinner, use alcohol. Rub on with a soft cloth, and wipe off immediately with a dry one. This is very important.