Baldness - To Cure

G. W. C, Cleveland, O.

One pound pressed hemlock bark. Break in pieces and put into a 3-quart tin-pail. Pour over it 2 quarts boiling soft water, and simmer slowly. When reduced to 3 pints set it aside to cool and pour off the clear liquid for use. Wet the whole scalp thoroughly four or five times a day, rubbing gently with the finger-ends. When the scalp gets healthier and stronger use more friction. One package will generally be all that is required to tone up the scalp. It will not only prevent the hair from falling out, but will bring a new growth of hair if there are any hair bulbs at all.


Take half a pound of fresh hops and put into a small pillow-case, and use for a pillow. My husband suffered intensely from sleeplessness for many months, the effects of sunstroke, and the first relief he experienced was from the use of a hop pillow. For a night or two his sleep was very hard and he awoke tired. But it caused him to sleep for six or eight months. After that as his sleep began to be disturbed again, he ate a dish of fried onions just before retiring about every second night, and that worked well for a few weeks. One remedy seems to exhaust itself, and if let alone for a time can be resorted to again. A high *51

London authority recommends a cup of hot beef tea, made from half a teaspoon of Leibig's extract. It allays brain excitement.

Hops - To Heat

If necessary to use hops on a sick person, make two bags and fill with them, and heat in a steamer over hot water. This saves many a burnt hand and bad stain. Keep one heating while the other is in use.

Neuralgia Cure

Dr. Alma S. Bennett, Elk Point, Dakota.

One drachm sal ammoniac, 4 ounces camphor water. Take a teaspoon once in five minutes until relieved. This has proved a great boon to a large number of sufferers.

Lemons For Neuralgia

Lemon, eaten freely, without the peel, and without sugar, has proved very beneficial in neuralgia. But very little sugar, if any, must be used.


Procure a little plantago from a Homoeopathic pharmacy and take a dose every ten minutes if instantaneous relief does not follow.

To stop a tooth cavity from bleeding, fill the cavity with Plaster of Paris made into a soft putty with water.

Cure For Burns

Dampen some bi-carbonate of soda or common saleratus with water, and apply to the whole burnt surface. Cover with a cloth and keep it moistened. This is effectual in every case.

For Constipation

Take a heaping tablespoon of bran, put it into a goblet of water and let stand till well soaked. Then drink it entire. Do this every morning.

Citric Acid. Two tablespoons Glauber salts, 1 teaspoon bi-carb. soda, 1/2 teaspoon common salt. Put 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a goblet of boiling hot water, and drink every morning, for constipation, the liver and the blood. Have the salts pulverized as fine as possible.