Take a heaping teaspoon of milk of sulphur before retiring. Also wash the parts with a strong borax water, injecting if possible, and lay on a soft linen cloth well saturated with the solution. Repeat once or twice or until a cure is effected. It has cured very aggravated cases within the knowledge of the author.

Dieting For Piles

It is claimed by good authority that milk, eggs, and tomatoes must be omitted in the diet of those suffering with piles. In which case, no medicine will be necessary.

For Bearing Down

For any female weakness or bearing down, the greatest relief may be afforded by an injection in the vagina, of water as hot as can be borne. This is a far better remedy than any manipulation can afford.

For Night Sweats

Put one or more basins of water under the bed of the patient, and renew every day. A change for the better will be observed in a very short time. Another suggestion is to have a strong healthy person occupy the bed with the patient for a few nights. This will help to reduce the sweating.

Cure For Lockjaw

Twenty minutes in the smoke of wool or woolen cloth will take the pain out of the worst case of inflammation arising from any wound. All danger from lock-jaw will be removed if this remedy is resorted to.

Inflammatory Rheumatism - To Cure

A gentleman writes to a Pittsburgh paper that he was completely cured by handling doves. He procured a number and would stroke and play with them daily, and the result was a cure for him, but death to the doves. This distressing malady is so obstinate that one afflicted with it will resort to almost anything suggested.

Hydrophobia - To Cure

Jane Grey Swisshelm.

Take 3 ounces of the root of elecampane, stew it in a pint of new milk and give it, milk and all, in the morning while the stomach is empty; have him fast six hours after taking it; repeat the dose 3 times in 3 successive mornings, and the cure is complete. Several persons have written to say-that it had been tried, on my recommendation, and with success. One man who had 2 children, and, I think, 20 hogs and cows bitten by a dog furiously rabid, had administered it to all, and 6 months after wrote to say that none of them had any symptoms of hydrophobia. Elecampane is generally known as a powerful medicinal plant, and as it has been successful, and doctors are powerless before this disease, I hope it will be promply tried, and if it fails I should like to know it.

Hydrophobia - Another Cure

A missionary in Syria, Mr. R. P. Legrand, says he has known 60 cures in 60 cases by use of the following: Take 3 handsful of the leaves of datura stramonium (jimpson weed), boil in 1 quart water until reduced half. Drink it all as soon as possible after the bite. A violent madness will ensue, but of short duration. This is followed by profuse perspiration, and in 24 hours the patient is cured. Cauterization might be resorted to also at the outset.

Small-Pox And Scarlet-Fever Cure

Sulphate of zinc, 1 grain; foxglove (digitalis), 1 grain; sugar, 1/2 teaspoon. Mix with 2 tablespoons water. When thoroughly mixed add 4 ounces water. Take a teaspoon every hour. Either disease, it is claimed, will disappear in twelve hours. Give a child a smaller dose. This cure has been the rounds of the press from the Atlantic to the Pacific and thousands of cures ascribed to it.

Ringworm - To Cure

Make a poultice of sulphur and fresh butter and apply.