Excellent Remedy For A Cold

Juice of 2 lemons in a glass of hot water, sweetened, and soda sufficient to cause a fermentation. Drink immediately after stirring in the soda and take it before retiring.

Excellent Home Recipe For A Cough

Take a package of dried mullein, steep in a pint of water till reduced about half. Strain and add 1 pound loaf sugar. Dose for an adult a tablespoon after each meal and before retiring.

For A Dry, Irritating Cough

Mrs. M. W. Callahan, Tangipahoa, La.

Smoke in a common clean pipe equal quantities of ground coffee and rich pine saw-dust. My husband finds almost instant relief when his throat and lungs are sore. Swallow all the smoke you can.

Cough Syrup

Mrs. L. S. H.

One pint best vinegar. Break into it an egg and leave in, shell and all, over night. In the morning it will all be eaten except the white skin which must be taken out. Then add I pound loaf sugar, and for an adult, take a tablespoon three times a day. This is a most excellent remedy for a cough in any stage.


J. M. Ball, Normal, Ill.

Half ounce chlorate potash dissolved in water - add 3 ounces tincture of iron. One teaspoon of the mixture to a wine-glass of water. Gargle with it, and after the third application it will be cured.

For An Inveterate Sore Throat

Mrs. R. H. James, Otsego, Wis.

One teaspoon refined borax and one teaspoon pure glycerine put into a cup, and half fill the cup with hot water. When cool, use as a gargle. Very excellent in scarlet fever.

Blackberry Cordial

Mrs. Wm. F. Carroll, Chicago.

To I quart blackberry juice add 1 pound white sugar, 1 tablespoon each of cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Boil all together 15 minutes. Bottle while hot, cork and seal. Put up in small bottles so that fermentation will not set in while using.

Hot Drops For Cholera Or Cholera Morbus

Mrs. E. E. Bower, St. Joseph, Mo.

Laudanum, 1 ounce; spirits camphor, 1 ounce; essence peppermint, 1 ounce; Hoffman's anodyne, 1 ounce; tincture cayenne pepper, 1 drachm; tincture ginger, 1/2 ounce. Mix all together. For cramps, 1/2 teaspoonful every half hour until relieved. For cholera morbus, 1 teaspoonful every half hour until relieved; some cases may need more. In cholera, a tablespoonful may be given along with strong doses of catnip tea. For cold, uneasy pain in the stomach, 10 drops is usually enough. One or two drops will relieve colic in babies almost instantly. Always take it in at least five times as much water, well sweetened. In cramps, use hot water. When traveling, a few drops in the water you drink will prevent any bad effects from change of climate. Be sure and have the druggist make it full strength.

Liver Bitters

Mrs. E. E. Bower.

Hops, 2 ounces; Buchu leaves, 2 ounces; dandelion root, 2 ounces; mandrake root, 1 ounce; rhubarb root, 1 ounce; juniper berries, 2 ounces; alcohol, 1 pint. Putin a stone jar, turn on 4 quarts hot water, cover and let it stand on the stove 24 hours. Do not boil, but evaporate to about 2 quarts Strain, and, when cool, add the alchohol; and, after mixing it well, "everlastingly shake it." Bottle tight. Those who prefer can add loaf sugar, 1 pound, made into simple syrup. Ordinary dose, 1 tablespoonlul; though, of course, one's judgment must be used. For chills, the day the chill comes, take 3 spoonfuls within an hour. At other times, take just before eating and going to bed.