How To Steep Herbs

Boiling spoils herbs. Put them on the stove in cold water, and steep slowly.


Put dried sage into a hot shovel, and it will take away any disagreeable smell in a sick-room or sleeping-room.

Onions As A Disinfectant

In case of small-pox, or any contagious disease, cut up an onion and put it in the sick-room, and replace it every hour with a fresh one.


H. C. Strong, Chicago.

Put a piece of saltpeter the size of a pea in a glass of water on a shelf in the room needing it. A most valuable antiseptic.

Best Remedy For A Cut Or Bruise

Immerse the part in as hot water as can be borne until the pain and inflammation are relieved. Even in cases where amputation seems necessary from the terribly lacerated condition of a cut or bruised hand, it may be saved by keeping it in a basin of hot water for a few hours. Keep the water hot, and do not give up until the inflammation has subsided.

Best Cure For Sprain

One drachm oil of wormwood. Mix with I gill alcohol. Apply to sprain or bruise, and keep a cloth wet with it on the injured part. Will cure in a very short time.

Discoloration Of The Skin

To prevent discoloration of the skin after a hurt, moisten a little dry starch with cold water and put upon the injured part. Do it as soon as possible after the injury. It is a far pleasanter application than raw beef, and just as effectual.

Chapped Hands - To Cure

Mrs. M. A. Woodworth.

One ounce glycerine, 2 drachms spermaceti, 2 ounces olive oil. Mix by heating. Mutton tallow may be used instead of spermaceti, in which case stir until cool to prevent the glycerine from settling to the bottom.

Ointment For Scratches, Burns, Or Sores

Three drachms camphor gum, 3 drachms white beeswax, 3 drachms spermaceti, 2 ounces olive oil. Put in a vessel on the stove and let melt slowly. Anoint the hands before retiring, and put on a pair of old gloves. If the hands are chapped, use oatmeal instead of soap for washing them, and rub on dry oatmeal to absorb the moisture.

Eye-Water - Very Superior

Mrs. J. E. Chace, Mishawaka, Ind.

One quart snow water, or pure rain water, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon fine crushed sugar (pure), 1 teaspoon white vitriol. To prepare the vitriol, lay a white paper on the back part of the stove, and put the vitriol on it. Do not let it brown, but let it bubble up as long as it will, and let it remain till it is perfectly dry. Then pulverize it and mix the ingredients all together. Use as a wash.

Eye-Water For Weak And Inflamed Eyes

Mrs. E. E. Bower.

Sugar of lead, 5 grains; sulphate of zinc, 5 grains; rose water, 2 ounces; morphine, 1 grain.

Weak Eyes

If the eyes are weak and it is troublesome to thread a needle, it may be helped by holding the needle over something white and then threading it.