Nose Bleed

Excite a vigorous motion of the jaws by chewing something - either gum or paper. This is said to be effectual. It is certainly worth trying.

How To Expel Substances From The Nose

Children frequently get beans, grains of corn, buttons, or other substances, up their noses. In such a case, have the child open its mouth, apply your mouth to it, and blow rather hard. The obstacle will be expelled from the nostril.

Simple Treatment For Croup

As soon as the wheezing is heard, apply the coldest water you can get to the neck and chest. Pound up some ice in a napkin and feed the child a little at a time with a teaspoon. Keep the cold compress on the throat and chest, and if persisted in for a short time relief will be almost certain to follow. At any rate, even if a physician is sent for, use these precautions, and nine times out of ten the disease will be checked at once. The chief difficulty in croup is in letting it get full headway. There is not an instant to lose.

Whooping-Cough Cure

Ged. Butler, Waukegan, Ill.

Olive oil, 2 ounces; Jamaica rum, 2 ounces; brown sugar, 2 ounces; laudanum, I drachm. Melt the sugar in a little water and add the other ingredients. Give a teaspoon after every paroxysm.

After the third week of whooping-cough, put 1 ounce strongest liquid ammonia in a gallon of boiling water in an open pan. Keep up the steam by putting in a red hot brick. Place in the center of the room where the patient is. This will frequently terminate the malady in 3 or 4 days. Try it each night until relieved.

How To Cure Biting Of The Finger-Nails

Make a couple of little calico bags loose enough to allow free use of the fingers. Tie them around the wrists with draw-strings. Keep them on night and day, and replace with another pair when soiled. A couple of days will often suffice to effect a cure.

For Vermin In Children's Heads

Mrs. S. C. A. White. Wash the head in a solution of carbolic acid in water. Any druggist will tell you the proportion to use. In a week's time wash again in order to destroy the animal life as it hatches. This is equally good for swine, if similarly affected.

Remedies..Refreshing Wash For Sick-Room

Two ounces each of lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, and wormwood. Put into a vessel and pour over it 3 or 4 quarts good vinegar. Cover closely, and keep in a warm place 4 days. Then strain, and add 1 ounce powdered camphor gum. Bottle, and cork tightly. Get nurses and others employed about a sick-room to use it as a wash. Good in infectious diseases.

Stimulating Sponge Bath

Dr. J. E. Gilman, Chicago.

One cup water, 1 cup alcohol, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 ounce aromatic spirits of ammonia. Very agreeable and stimulating.

Aqua Ammonia For Nausea

A couple of drops in a swallow of water, and an occasional use of a smelling-bottle of it, will afford great relief.