Lima Beans

Boil, and when tender, drain. Season with butter and pepper, and cream, if you have it.

Dried Lima Beans

Soak oyer night. Two hours before dinner the next day? cover with water in a covered vessel. Cook slowly and add butter, pepper, and salt to taste.

String Beans

String the beans, cut them in half inch pieces, wash them, and put over to cook in boiling water, adding a level tear spoon of soda to 2 quarts of beans, let boil 15 minutes, drain, put them over in fresh boiling water, and as soon as they begin to be tender, salt them, then boil until they are very-tender - it takes a long time to cook them properly - after which add butter and pepper to taste, and stir in some sweet cream. Or rich milk may be substituted, dredging in wheat flour to give it the thickness of cream. Some prefer them without either, using more butter instead.

Baked Pork And Beans

Put on 1 quart of dry beans to boil in cold water. In 1/2 hour after they begin to boil, add 1/2 teaspoon of saleratus. Let boil up, and pour off the water. Put on fresh water, hot or cold, let boil till the beans are tender, but not mashed. Take a pound of salt pork, clean it well, score the rind, and put it in the center of the beans, in a large dripping-pan. Bake in a slow oven till all are nicely browned on top.

Boston Baked Beans

Put 1 quart of beans to soak over night. In the morning-put 1 pound of salt pork in the bottom of the bean-pot, put the beans in, with plenty of water to cover, 2 tablespoons of molasses, a teaspoon of salt, and place in the oven. Bake slowly all day, being careful to keep the beans covered with hot water from the tea-kettle. If the oven is wanted, the bean-pot can be set on the back of the stove for any length of time, without harm. This quantity will make over 2 quarts when done.