A Boston lady who returned from the White Mountains last week told the Historian about an interesting experience that she had when she went there. She was greatly taken on the train going to the mountains with a young woman on the seat in front of her, who was in form, in face, in bearing, a veritable Juno. During the long ride she built many airy castles of imagination around the form of this godlike young person. She tried her on as a society* queen, but she looked rather too sweet and unwordly for that She tried her as a countess traveling in the United States, but she didn't seem exactly foreign. The lady couldn't make anything else of her than a princess - an ideal princess, traveling incognitio.

By and by her sojourning place was reached and what was her delight to see the beautiful young woman alight and go to the hotel where she herself stopped.

"Now I shall have an opportunity to know her, perhaps, or find out who she is," said the lady to herself.

That night at dinner the Boston lady seated herself at the table, began peering about among the guests to see if the one who had charmed her so completely on the train was there. Suddenly she heard the voice of the waiter-girl over her shoulder:

"Soup, ma'am?"

She looked up at the girl. Heavens and earth! It was her Juno, her princess of the journey from Boston!