The Archbishop's, Or Double Mitre

The Archbishop's, or Double Mitre, is exceedingly pretty, and may be folded from any serviette. First fold the linen in half, and lay it flat on the table. Turn down six inches from the top. Fold down an inch and a half of this at the edge, and fold that over again; the folds forming an outside band like that shown in fig. 1, from A to B. Raise the ends A and B in the hand, and form the point C, in fig. 2, allowing the folds of the linen to overlap a little. Smooth it down flat, without raising or moving it from the table; fold the lower end the same, and bring it up to D E, in fig. 3. Turn the fold D E, down on the right side, and make another point with it like that at C, in fig. 2, but a little lower, so as to show the top point above it. Lastly, fold up the lower edge F G about an inch and a half, to form the band of the Mitre.

The Archbishop s Or Double Mitre 123

Fig. 1.

The Archbishop s Or Double Mitre 124

Fig. 2.

Bring the two ends F and G, round to the back, to make the shape of a cap, and insert one in the other. If large enough, fix it over the dinner roll. If not, set it on the table, and place the roll upright in the hollow. The front should face the guest.

The Archbishop s Or Double Mitre 125

Fig. 8.

The Archbishop s Or Double Mitre 126

The Bread Basket

Fold the serviette four times lengthways. Turn down the corners in the way observed in fig. 1. Make the three standing folds across the centre, the middle one to project, C and D to bend inwards. This makes a hill or ridge in the centre. Fold back each corner at the dotted lines F and C. Now hold it erect like fig. 2. Pinch it up together in a flat line.

The Bread Basket 127

Fig. 1.

The Bread Basket 128

Fig. 2.

Make a circle of it by bringing the ends together and inserting B in A. Place it round the bread.

The Flower Basket

Take a very stiff square of damask, and fold it exactly in half. Open and fold in half the reverse way. The centre is now ascertained. Fold all the corners very exactly to the centre. Iron them down; turn over, and again turn the corners to the centre. Turn the serviette over again and take each corner from the centre, and fold it back at the half. Then crease it from A to B (fig. i), open the crease, and fold it again from C to D. Take it in the hand and bring the crease A to C, and C to B, and so all round. This will enable you to make it stand. Hold the apex between the fingers of one hand and square out the four sides. This makes it resemble fig. 2, and completes it. A few flowers should be arranged in the compartments. For variety the corners may be left upright, like fig. 3. By reversing it, as shown in fig. 4, a different design is obtained.

The Flower Basket 129

Fig. 1.

The Flower Basket 130

Fig. a.

The Flower Basket 131

Fig. 3.

The Flower Basket 132

Fig. 4.