Where there is too much work for one steward two are employed. The purchasing steward not having time to remain in the kitchen and carving room during the two or three hours of each meal the inside steward steps in. The duties are not different from what has been already detailed, but they are divided between two and the inside is the second, if one must rank the other, the purchasing steward having charge of the accounts and the cost per meal and per day of running the house, while the inside steward has immediate control of the kitchen and dining room. The special need of an inside steward is most apparent when a hotel has a number of private dinners, suppers and banquets to get up as a part of the regular business. Then the inside steward is the one to be consulted upon the subject of the menu for each occasion. He is required to be acquainted with all dishes, wines and the etiquette of the table. He decides the choice of viands, knowing which are in season and which are most suitable for the time, due regard being had to the amount of money the purchaser wishes to spend.

The inside steward is more than a headwaiter and supersedes him in many cases, for the inside steward enters the dining room and has the private dinners served under his own supervision and management.