Wine stewards are employed in hotels where a large bar and banquet business is done. It is the duty of this steward to have his store-room open, very much like the kitchen store-room, during meal times and be ready to hand out the bottled wines, liquors, ales, mineral waters, etc., to the waiters, according to the orders written on the cards and signed by the headwaiter, which they bring to him. He buys wines, etc., for the house by the barrel and bottles them; perhaps rectifies, mixes, compounds, botties and labels various spirits and cordials. He issues supplies to the bar and books the amounts the same as the storekeeper issues material to the kitchen, and he issues to the store-room supplies of liquors to be used in cooking, and wines and beer allowed to the cooks for their meals, where such is the rule, and charges the same to kitchen store-room like any outside merchant. He also has charge of the cigars and tobacco for the bar. He mixes and sends up from his cellars ready for use the champagne cups, claret cups, punches and the like required for the private parties taking place in the house, and sends the bill of the amount at once to the cashier to be charged in the guests' bills.