Printantere (A La)

With young spring vegetables, asparagus points in particular.


One of the three or four names attached to the hollow puffs popularly known as cream puffs, or cream cakes; the variations in the fillings and flavorings are, however, numerous. The profiterolles are small like walnuts when baked and hollow, and are either served in soup or rolled in syrup and chopped almonds, etc. (See Qtieen Fritters).


French plums, well known in the dried state. They are used stewed for supper fruit and can be made into puddings, roly-polys, pies, and mixed in cakes.


Small prunes of an acid nature produced in California, used as stewed fruit.


The white grouse, white only in winter. Otherwise called spruce grouse. It inhabits high, mountainous regions. Its flesh tastes of the spruce leaves upon which it feeds, but not unpleasantly. Cooked as grouse and prairie hens.


Two distinct sets of pastries are understood by this designation: puff-paste tarts, turnovers, vol-au-vents, Banburys, Coventries and the like on the one hand and on the other a variety of cakes made of peties-choux paste, represented by cream puffs and eclairs. A score or more different cakes are included in this class, mostly baked, but some are fried, as Spanish puffs.

Puits (Fr)

Wells. Applied to tartlets of puff-paste which are tall and have a cavity in the center.

Petits Puits D'Amour

Little Love's wells; tall puff tartlets filled with jelly.

Pulled Bread

In most good establishments " pulled bread " is served with cheese, it being an acceptable substitute for the usual bread or buiscuits. Pull a loaf while steaming hot apart - pull, not cut; take a fork and dig out pieces of the hot bread the size of large nuts, leaving them rocky. Place these "snaps" back in the oven, and leave them until nicely brown. Do not, however, let them harden too much, or they will be almost uneatable instead of being nicely crisp. A stale loaf may be treated in the same way, but the "snaps" will not be quite so nice.


One of the American specialties.

Pumpkin Vine Greens

Real spinach is, of course, out of the question in July, August, and September, but several toothsome substitutes are obtainable. For instance, a glorious dish of summer spinach may be obtained by pinching out the growing points of pumpkin vines two or three inches in length. These, when cooked and served as spinach, are of the loveliest emerald-green color, and most delicious flavor.


Said to be named from a word signifying five, because of its five ingredients: sugar, lemons, spirit, water, spice. (See Drinks, Ices, Spii its).

Punch And Turtle

" Punch is certainly too strong and tasteful with turtle soup, thick or thin, and it is barbarous and old-fashioned to drink it. It impairs the sensibility of the palate for all wines afterwards. If wine must be drunk at the turtle stage of a dinner, perhaps fine madeira or sherry is least objectionable".