Table jellies are made of gelatine, sugar, flavorings, and either water and fruit juice or water and wine. Rule: 1 qt. water or juice, 1 1/2 oz. gelatine, 2 lemons, 8 oz. sugar, all boiled together, then strained. By adding white of eggs before boiling it can be made brilliantly clear and can be colored to any desired tint. Set in moulds in a cold place until firm and solid, then turned out on a dish covered with a folded napkin.

Gelee De Fraises

Strawberry jelly colored red with whole strawberries in it.

Gelee De Mures Sauvages A La Creme

A border mould of blackberry jelly, with whipped cream in the center.

Gelee A L'Ananas

Pineapple jelly, with pieces of pineapple in it.

Gelee Au Jus De Grenades

Pomegranate jelly.

J El Gelee A La Macedoine De Fruits

Maraschino flavored jelly with whole fruits in it.

Gelee A La Chartreuse

Jelly flavored with chartreuse liqueur.

Gelee De Dantzic Aux Fraises

Cherry-brandy jelly with whole strawberries.

Gelee De Marasquin Aux Abricots

Maraschino jelly with halves of apricots in it.

Gelee Au Curacao

Curacao jelly.

Gelee A La Panachee

A mould of two or more colors of jelly in layers; ribbon jelly.

Gelee Aux Violettes Printanieres

Jelly flavored with an infusion of spring violet-flowers in syrup; orange-flowers are used the same way.

Gelee A La Bacchante

Green jelly made with the juice of green grapes and spinach, sugar and champagne.

Gelee A La Russe

Jelly whipped to a froth while cooling on ice, then moulded.

Gelee Mousseuse A L'Eau De Vie

Whipped jelly with brandy.

Gelee Fouettee Aux Fruits

Whipped jelly with maraschino and small fruits.

Wine Jelly With Whipped Cream

A very acceptable combination of gelatine jelly made with one-third sherry or any good wine; served in saucer of whipped cream, or in a whole mould with whipped cream jelly mould, And for puddings, aspics, creams, or ices around it.

Wine Jelly With Whipped Cream 15

Border Jellies

Border moulds are made; the outer rim to be filled with jelly and turned out when set, the well in the center of the jelly filled with whipped cream and perhaps strawberries and other such additions.

Jelly With Ice Cream

Same plan as with whipped cream and best in hot weather.

Gelees Variees

All jellies named for some fruit or liqueur are either made with a proportion of the juice of the fruit, or with pieces or slices set around the mould; or are flavored with the liqueurs, as benedictine, kummel, anisette, kirsch-wasser, etc.

Gelee A La Parisienne

Fancy form; specialty. Two jellies, one colored pink and flavored with strawberry; other uncolored, flavored with kirschwasser; both portions whipped on ice, and before set filled into the mould in alternate layers or portions; turned out on ornamental stand of candy.

Glasses Of Champagne

Fancy form; specialty. Clear, bright jelly filled in glasses in liquid state, whipped jelly on top; made cold.

Glasses Of Ale

Fancy form; specialty. Clear, brown jelly vanilla-flavored, filled in slender ale-glasses in liquid state, more jelly whipped to foam and piled on top.

Souffle Jellies

Same plan as preceding, but red wine-jelly set solid an inch deep in a pan; foam of whipped jelly and white of egg flavored with maraschino inch deep on top when the first is set; all made very cold, cut out in blocks and served in glass-plates.