Dishes that are served up by making on the platter a border of mashed potato, rice, fine hominy, Jerusalem artichoke, or any such material, and filling the inside with the meat prepared for it, are often named as " Border of Rice," or whatever it is, "garnished with - " whatever ragout or stewed meat. This making the border, the leading feature is one of the unintelligible technicalities; it arose from the possibility of making the border an ornamental object, a work of culinary art, more to be thought of than the inside filling of meat.

Border Moulds

There are moulds to be purchased of many fancy shapes, like crowns, tiaras, etc., which are but borders to be filled with various hot border material, as named above, to be turned out like a cake after baking, but more particularly are used to make borders of jelly, of fruits in jelly, pains, cremes, and salads set with jelly, all to have a hollow or well, to be filled with whipped cream, or salad, after turning out.