Puddings of meat.

Boudin Noir

Blood pudding or sausage.

Boudin Blanc

White pudding or sausage of veal, bread, etc.

Boudins A La Richelieu

This kind of hot, white pudding of chicken meat is thought to have done more to immortalize the name of Richelieu than the capture of Mahon. First, it is a paste made of breast of chicken, pounded and forced through a seive, seasoned, and, with the addition of a pasty sauce to make it like dough, it is made out like flattened eggs in shape, and poached. Then made cold, part of the inside removed, and the cavity filled with a mixture of lightly fried onion, truffles and mushrooms with butter and gravy; then the orifice covered with the chicken paste, and the surface decorated with truffles made to adhere with white of egg. These may be made in advance of the meal. When wanted, they are simmered in a little broth, not enough to cover; made to shine with a little glaze over the decorated surface, and dished up with a ragout of glazed onions, small quenelles and truffles around.

Boudins De Lievre A La Richelieu

Hare cooked, the meat pounded to a paste with fat bacon and aromatics; made into rolls, breaded and broiled; served with truffle sauce.

Boudins De Lapin

White puddings of rabbit; the meat pounded through a seive with aromatics and fat bacon, made into flattened balls, decorated on top, poached, served with mushrooms or truffles in brown sauce.

Boudin De Veau A La Legumiere

Veal forcemeat prepared as for rabbit boudins; a mould ornamentally lined with cut vegetables, the center filled with the prepared veal; steamed, served with brown sauce.