Apple Jelly

The Jelly-making quality of apples, varies greatly; crab apples yield the strongest and clearest; some seeding varieties, good for nothing else, make the best jelly; i pound of sugar , 1 pound of fruit and 1/2 pint water, boiled, strained through flannel, tested by cooling, and, if not firm, boiled a longer time. (See jellies).

Vol-Au -Vent Of Apples

Puff paste laid on a pie plate as if for a pie; a mark like a lid cut around near the edge with the point of a knife; when baked and risen the lid lifted off and inside filled with compote apples.

Gateau Be Pommes

A mould of stiffened apple marmalade; served with custard.

Gateau De Pommes Aux Apricots

A mould of gelatine-stiffened apple marmalade covered with apricot marmalade.

Mlroton De Pommes

Mlro-ton de Pommes ored apples, not divided, carefully cooked in syrup, drained, garnished in a dish with dried or glace fruits; red, currant jelly diluted with wine poured over.

Croquettes De Pommes

Apple paste cut in pieces, breaded and fried.

Apple Paste

Marmalade dried down gradually in a cool oven till it can be spread out in a sheet like a piece of dough, cut in any shape, rolled in powdered. sugar; variously colored and flavored, this apple paste is used by bakers to ornament cakes, and is sold as candy in various fancy forms.

Apple Sandwich

A layer of apple sauce on a slice of bread, covered with a layer of whipped cream.

Fried Apples

A breakfast dish, also served with all forms of pork; commonly sliced without paring or coring; the peel helping to preserve their shape the slices are simply fried a few at a time in frying (saule) pans with a spoonful or two of pork fat or butter, and when brown on one side are turned over one by one; large quantities can be done in the oven if not too many in the pans at once.

Broiled Apples

Same way as broiled potatoes; slices done in the double-wire broiler, buttered while cooking.

Apples With Sausages

Fried slices, same as with spareribs and pork tenderloin; this is the German as well as American habit; the Flemings eat baked apples with black puddings.

Steamed Or Boiled Apple Roll

A thick layer of chopped apples spread upon a thin sheet of short paste or biscuit dough, rolled up, tied in a cloth at both ends and in the middle, boiled or steamed an hour or lbnger; served with rich sauce.

Baked Apple Roll

The preceding egged over and baked with a greased paper cover over; crust needs to be richer.

Painted Ladies

Whole (pared) apples cooked in syrup under cover in the oven; when done, each side colored with red jelly, syrup condensed with wine poured over cold.

German Apple Mould

One pint Rhine wine, 1 pound sugar, 1 pound apples stewed and mashed through a colander, gelatine to set it, colored pink, moulded; eaten cold.