Currant Jelly Sauce

Jelly, espagnole, and port wine; boiled.

Currant Sauce

The preceding with whole red currants added.


Yellow; onion, ham, and parsley fried; flour, curry powder, broth, strained, thickened with yolks.

Custard Sauce

Sweet; boiling cream or milk containing 4 oz. sugar to a pint; poured upon 3 beaten eggs; brandy, vanilla, any flavor.


Brown sauce with sultana raisins, gherkins, etc.

Demi Glace

Brown sauce obtained from the roast-meat pan by adding broth and espagnole Devil Sauce - See Devilled.

Sauce Diable

Devil sauce; grill sauce.


Fish; pink; cream sauce with lobster or crayfish butter and anchovy essence.


Sweet; "dip sauce," thick syrup with flavorings.


Cream sauce with cooked lean ham in small squares, and butter.


(See DuxelUs).


Butter sauce with chopped hard eggs.

English Pudding

Custard with sherry whipped over a slow fire tilj thick.


Brown stock sauce made of mixed meats, vegetables and aromatics fried brown in butter, broth added, tomatoes, wine, brown roux, boiled slowly and long; strained.

Essenceof Celery

Green celery stalks stewed in broth and the broth added to white sauce.

Essence Of Game

Whole birds or rabbits, etc., or the bones only browned, then stewed and the liquor seasoned and thickened. (See Fume).


Like parsley sauce, tarragon instead of parsley, and little tarragon vinegar.


White, containing onion, capers, ham cut fine, wine, broth, butter, flour, parsley.

Fine Herbs Sauce

Cream-colored with yolks, shallots, parsley, white wine in butter sauce.

Fines Herbes (Fr)

Brown sauce with chopped mushrooms, shallots and parsley.


See Flemish Sauce.


Fish. Like parsley sauce with chopped fennel instead of parsley.


See FinanciereSauce.

Flel Rette

Thickened rich milk.

Fruit Sauce

For frozen puddings. Marmalade diluted with maraschino and whipped cream.


Sweet. Whip sauce of yolks, sugar and wine.

Fumet De Gibiek

See Fumet.

Game Sauce

Gravy from the roast pan, carcasses of game birds, broth, aromatics, stewed together; espagnole, port wine. Genevoise-.See Genexoise Sauce.


Cold. Currant jelly, orange, horseradish, sugar, mustard, vinegar, oil; mixed.


Pickle sauce, brown. Poivrade sauce with sliced pickled Gherkins.


Stewed liver and gizzards divested of the hard lining, cut up in gravy.

Green Gooseberry'sauce

For boiled mackerel. Berries stewed, passed through a seive, mixed with white sauce.