Calf's liver is much sought after for restaurant trade, and the butchers seldom have any for casual buyers; it is much better than any other, though beef liver is not bad. Pig's liver is next best; sheep's liver is the worst, being hard. Calf's liver and bacon is a popular breakfast dish.

Liver And Bacon En Brochette

(1) Cut bacon in thin slices, then in squares, scald the liver to set it in shape, then cut thin squares to match the bacon. String liver and bacon alternately on a skewer and broil on all four sides. • If silver skewers serve without removing them, if iron skewers slip the meat off on to a slice of toast (2)-Prepared as above, egged, breaded, fried in hot lard, served with sauce.

Fried Liver

Slices seasoned, dipped in flour and fried in shallow pan with little bacon fat.

Liver And Onions

Fried liver covered with onions which have been fried separately.

Broiled Liver

Floured, broiled, basted with butter, served with maitre d'hotel butter.

Liver Saute

Small pieces of liver and bacon simmered in the bacon fat, with little onion, seasoned, water added and gravy made in the pan.

Roast Liver

Large piece larded through and through with finger strips of fat bacon, which are rolled before insertion in minced garlic, herbs and mixed spice, roasted with same seasonings in the pan, and pepper and salt; gravy in the pan with lemon juice added.

Liver A La Mode

Liver larded through and through with strips of carrot, turnip and bacon, herbs and seasonings, baked slowly in deep pan with buttered paper over; gravy with wine in the pan, served with vegetables.

Foie De Veau A L'Italienne

Calf's liver cooked with oil, wine, bacon, mushrooms, herbs, lemon juice; sauce made in the pan.

Pain De Foie De Veau

Liver paste; pounded and steamed in a mould with eggs, chopped ham, bay leaf, wine seasonings, served hot with brown sauce, or cold, or in sandwiches. (See frontage d'ltalte).

Chicken Liver Patties

Chicken livers, calf's liver, and calf's kidney cut very small, simmered in butter with seasonings, flour and gravy added and little sherry; dished in patty cases.

Devilled Liver

Parboiled turkey liver mashed with butter, mustard, salt, cayenne, mushroom catsup. Stirred over fire till very hot, served on toast. (See foie gras).


Liver sausage made of liver and bacon fat with coriander seed, cloves or garlic.

Liver Soup

See gondingo.

Liver Klose

Liver, bacon, bread-crumbs, butter, eggs, parsley, salt, pepper; made into paste, formed in balls, boiled in water. (See German cookery).