A turkey cock is best for wasting, a hen for boiling; and he sure it is properly cooked, for half-cooked poultry is simply uneatable. "A turkey boiled is a turkey spoiled," runs the old proverb uncompromisingly; but a change is always pleasant, and, in spite of the dogmatic old law, a properly befled turkey is uncommonly good eutiug. Wild vs.

Tame Turkeys

The wild turkey is afar more excellent table bird than the domestic turkey; in fact there is no comparison. The barnyard can not give that flavor and that texture which testify to wild berries, seeds and nuts, fragrant grasses and pungent buds eaten in the freedom of the wilderness. In short the true, the genuinely patriotic Thanksgiving roast is the body of a wild turkey. The great day comes just at the time when spring-hatched birds are coming to maturity, plump and tender, juicy as ripe fruit and flavored by the subtlest processes of nature to a delicate nicety which no cook may hope to imitate. The epicure knows this flavor and values it, and the wild turkey should bring twice the price of a domestic one in the market. "Lord Lome's attempt to acclimatize the wild turkey has so far proved successful, and there seems no reason why it should not be bred throughout the country and take its place on the menu side by side with the wild duck".