Rib steak of beef.

Entrecote De Porc

A pork steak or slice cut anywhere.

Entrecotes De Boeuf A La Bordelaise

Thick rib steaks; broiled, with Bordelaise sauce and beef marrow.


Small meats made up in various guises with sauces and garnishings, as distinguished from the principal joints and roasts.


Term rarely used. French name for made dishes of vegetables, sundry savories, puddings, creams, something less than an entree. "Another Traite de la Cuisine had just then been published, by one Menon it would appear, but it was a mere rechauffe of Massialot's work. This long forgotten gift of the god of revelry took so well that three years later Marin, the 'Officer,' - the cook no less - who produced it issued a sequal in three volumes, with a preface by De Querlon. The first point in the history of cookery that strikes one is that entremets were just then beginning to get confounded with hors dceuvres, and these with entrees; the recent revolution in taste had extended even to the order of the dishes. Except in 'repasts of ceremony,' there were no fixed rules; and Marin, while on the subject remarked, under the head of Spring, that the sterility of that season left him no entremets but ham, or what his skill could evolve out of vegetables".

Epaule (Fr)


Epaule D' Agneau

Shoulder of lamb.

Eperlans (Fr)



A dainty eater; a discriminator in diet; a critic of flavors; an analyst of taste. " Mr. Lynch is an epicure, and that reminds me of a story the captain of my yacht tells. Two Englishmen were discussing the subject of eating, and one says to the other: ' Ennery, vot is a h'epicure?' The answer was: 'O, a h'epicure? Why, a h'epicure is a bloke as will h'eat h'ennything.' "

Epinards (Fr)


Escalopes (Fr)

Thin slices; scollops or collops of beef, veal, mutton, pork, etc.

Escalopes De Ris Deveau Au Supreme

Slices of veal sweetbreads saute in butter; served with supreme sauce.

Escalopes De Dinde En Blanquette

Turkey breast in white cream-sauce.

Escalopes De Lapekeau Au Fumet

Collops or fillets of rabbits baked in rabbit essence or reduced stock of rabbit carcass.


Broad-leaved endive.

Eschalotte (Fr)

Shallot; mild kind of onion.

Espagnole Sauce

A stock sauce or brown gravy kept on hand by cooks to form the basis of other sauces; made by frying together carrots, onions, veal, ham, aromatic herbs, and some spices, adding broth, wine, tomatoes, flour, butter; strained, boiled and skimmed until bright brown.


Tarragon; a garden herb, used to flavor vinegar and soups, sauces, etc.

Estragon Sauce

White broth thickened, with chopped tarragon and tarragon vinegar.

Esturgeon (Fr)


Eventail Aux Cerises

Fan-form of strips of puff-paste on a bed of marmalade and cherries.

Excellent Au Cafe

See Ices.

Excellent Pudding

A boiled plum pudding goes by that name; made of 1 lb. each suet, flour, sugar, raisins, currants; 1/2 lb. bread crumbs, sbme citron, grated lemon-peel, nutmeg, ginger, salt, rum, 8 eggs (omitting 4 of the whites); suet and dry goods mixed; sugar, eggs and rum to moisten; boiled in a bag 6 hours.