The progress of the times, rapid transit, large slaughtering and packing operations, wholesale methods of preserving meat both raw and cooked, the utilization of every part for its best purpose and the absence of the old methods and necessities of pushing off parts of the carcass to get rid of them, and also the higher development of the hotel and restaurant systems, have all tended to make changes in the methods of cutting up beef and lessened the significance of the names of joints and cuts as they used to be. The fillet is now a separate cut and can be bought of the packers by the hundred or thousand pounds; the thin flank is not offered for sale; the packers put it to good use as canned corn beef. The summer hotel can have rib roasts, first choice or second choice as ordered delivered from the packing houses, all ready, with, the bones removed, the meat coiled up and bound around, skewered, ready for putting in the oven, and not only that, but can have them sent wrapped in paper and in a frozen condition from a great distance.

Loins -of beef, either short or long, either first choice meat or seconds, can be bought close trimmed m the same accommodating manner, divested of the kidney fat, which the packers use profitably in the form of but-turine, and without any surplus bones, for the packer; dispose of some of them for various uses in the arts, and the rest for fertilizers.

Cotes De Bceuf A La Bkoche

Roast ribs of beef.

Aloyau A La Broche

Roast sirloin of beef.

Aloyau De Bceuf A La Provencale

Sirloin larded, spread with a high-flavored stuffing of marrow, anchovies, gariic, etc.; roasted and served with piquante sauce.

Aloyau Braise A La Godaud

Top sirloin garnished with slices of sweetbreads, mushrooms, truffles, etc., in the reduced wine braise of the beef.

Aloyau Braise A La Royale

Top sirloin larded and braised.

A La Pkintaniere

Served with young vegetables.

A La Portugaise

With glazed onions and sauce.

Filet De Bceuf Au Jus D'Orange

The tenderloin served like duck with orange sauce.

Filet De Bcelf A La Napolitaine

Larded, marinaded, braised, served with Napoli-taine sauce, of horse-radish, ham, wine, jelly and brown gravy.

Filet De Boeuf A La Bohemienne

Tenderloin larded, marinaded by steeping in oil with vegetabtes and aromatics, braised or roasted, served with fried potatoes, olives, pickled mushrooms and onions in poivrade sauce.

Rouelie De Bceuf Au Four

Round of beef spiced and baked with water and fat in a covered pot.

Noix De Bceuf Braisee

Chumps of beef braised.

Piece De Bceuf Garnie A La Flamande

Is salted brisket boiled and served with Brussels sprouts. Piece de Bceuf a la St.


Top sirloin rolled, roasted, seived with Robert sauce.

Cotes De Bceuf Braisees A La Puree De Tomatoes

Beef with tomato sauce.