Grows to perfection in some parts of this country, where the winters are mild and moist, but is a rarity in the corn belt. Florida, Utah and California send shipments of cauliflower to all other sections. As a vegetable delicacy it is only second to asparagus, if carefully cooked.

Cauliflower And Tomato Sauce

The cauliflowers boiled in salted water until the stalk feels soft when tried with a fork, then drained; tomato sauce in the dish it is served in.

Cauliflower Rarfbit

Cauliflower in small flowerets fried with mushrooms, grated cheese enough to coat it over; served on toast.

Chouxfleurs Au Gratin

The flowerets separated after boiling, put in a baking pan or dish; white sauce, grated cheese, and cracker dust sifted over, browned in the oven.

Chouxfleurs A La Hollandaise

Boiled and served with Hollandaise sauce.

Chouxfleurs A La Mayonnaise

Cold, sprinkled with vinegar and mayonnaise sauce in the center.

Cauliflower Salad

Cold boiled cauliflower with oil and vinegar.

Marinade De Chouxfleurs

The pieces parboiled, drained dipped in batter and fried. Cauliflower in Soups Puree of cauliflower, cream of cauliflower, consomme with cauliflower.

Cauliflower Pickles

Generally mixed with other vegetables; cauliflower is pickled the same way.