Potage A La Croissy

Puree of white beans and vegetables together; whole green peas added.

Consomme Printaniere

Clear soup with small-cut spring vegetables, string beans, peas, asparagus points.

Printaniere Royale

The same with "royal" custards added.

Printaniere A La Parisienne

With custards of chicken-purge and eggs.

Printaniere A La Victoria

With chicken-quenelles reddened with lobster-coral.

Printaniere Au Vertpre

Meadow -green printaniere with purge of spinach and green coloring.

Printaniere With Quenelles

With yellow quenelles of chicken.

Potage Colbert With Eggs

Printaniere with a poached egg in each plate.

Puree Of Sorrel With Cream

Veal-broth thickened with roux, yolks, cream, purge of stewed sorrel mingled with it.

Puree Of Tomatoes

Fried vegetables, onions, ham; flour, tomatoes, stock, strained; croutons.

Leek Soup A La Picarde

Same as potato with leeks.

Puree Of Pumpkin

Stewed pumpkin strained and diluted with milk, butter, seasonings; sippets of bread.

Puree Of Spinach

Spinach simmered tender in butter; flour, broth, boiled milk, strained, made green.

Cream Of Cauliflower

Cooked in white broth, rubbed through a seive with cream, butter, flowerets of cauliflower, croutons.

Puree A La Crecy

Stewed carrots with vegetables passed through a seive, stock slightly thickened; croutons.

Crecy Au Sagou

Mince up 2 onions, fry in butter, add 1 qt. of finely minced carrots, season with salt and a pinch of sugar. When they liave lost their humidity, wet slightly with bouillon, cook over a moderate fire, wetting from time to time with bouillon. Pass first through seive and then through tammy. Dilute the purge in 2 qts. bouillon, alloy it to boil, withdraw pan to side of fire, skim, and season at the last moment. Add 1/4 lb- boiled sago, and bind with 4 yolks, of eggs and 2 oz. butter. This done, serve.

Puree Of Carrots A L'Allemande

Pulp of carrots boiled in salt-pork stock, flour, butter, yolks, cream, and nouilhs.

Puree Of Asparagus

Green, with green tops passed through a seive, and coloring; green tops and fried croutons in the soup.

Cream Of Asparagus

White; whole asparagus in salt-pork stock passed through seive; stock thickened; cream, green asparagus tops, and croutons.

Green Corn Soup

Grated raw corn in stock of chicken and salt pork with a moderate seasoning of onion; milk or cream, and seasoning of chopped parsley.

Canned Corn Soup

One can sweet corn, 1 quart boiling water, 1 qt. milk, 3 tablespoonfuls butter rolled in 1 tablespoonful flour, 2 eggs, pepper and salt, 1 table-spoonful tomato catsup. Drain the corn and chop it in a chopping-tray, put on in the boiling water and cook steadily 1 hour; rub through a colander, leaving the husks behind, and return with the water in which it has boiled to the fire; season; boil gently 3 minutes, and stir in the butter and flour; have ready the boiling milk, pour it upon the beaten eggs, and these into the soup; simmer 1 minute, stirring all the while; take up, add the catsup, and pour out.

Tomato Cream Soup

An American specialty. To make it successfully, that is, without having the milk curdle in it, two separate soups should be made: a purge of tomatoes without spices, and a white cream of chicken or veal soup in which apiece of salt pork has been boiled; the latter should be thickened and finished, and the tomato soup then mingled with it and not afterwards boiled.

Puree Of Chestnuts A La Mancelle

Blanched and boiled Italian chestnuts passed through a seive in game broth; little sugar, butter, nutmeg, yolks, croutons.

Cucumber Soup

See Cucumbers.

Potage Creme De Chicoree A La Colbert

White stock and cream, thickened with yolks, with stewed chicory and poached eggs.

Potage A La Russe

Brown soup with vegetables and round balls of sausage-meat.

Potage A La D'Artois

Purge of green peas.

Potage A La Palestine

Purge of Jerusalem artichokes.

Potage A La Stamboul

Purge of rice and tomatoes.

Potage A La Chantilly

Purge of lentils with cream.

Potage A La Soubise

Purge of onions.

Puree De Concombres

Purge of cucumbers.

Puree De Choux Fleurs

Purge of cauliflower.

Cold Soup

Put a chicken in a stewpan with a bunch of parsley and fennel and a wineglassful of cucumber juice; 3 pts. of broth. Bring the liquid to the boiling point; stew it, and pop the stewpan on the corner of the stove. When your chicken is cooked, drain it, pass the broth through a napkin and carefully clarify it. Simultaneously you have had cooked a garnishing of celery cut in sticks an inch long. Pour this garnishing into your soup-tureen with the clarified con-soinmg, the scollopped breasts of the chicken, and 1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley and green fennel. Thoroughly refrigerate before serving; and your potage will be none the worse for a few little bits of ice floating in the liquid. (See Ices, Iced Soups).