Horly Or Orly

It is spelled both ways by equally good authorities, is supposed to be the name of a French admiral. Only one dish seems to carry that designation, consequently a la Horly always signifies the same thing, viz, strips of fish dipped in batter and fried and served with onions cut in rings fried dry.

Horse Meat

"To revert to horse-flesh and the eating of it in Paris, M. Morillon has given me the following statistics: Thus of this flesh was consumed in1883 something like 5,000,000lbs. and about 6,000,000 lbs. 1884. Besides, there is to be added about 2,000,000 lbs. imported into Paris, so that the total consumption of horse, mule, and donkey flesh in this city during the last year was about S,ooo,coo lbs. (eight million pounds! or four pounds per head of the entire population.) Now, what part of these eight million pounds did I eat? Who shall say? Ah! who shall say? "


French hot-pot; baked soup; made of 2 lbs. beef, 1 lb. sausage meat, 1 onion, 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, few asparagus tops, 1 carrot, piece of cabbage, 1/2 cup raw rice, 2 cups green peas, pepper, salt, cold water. "Cut the meat small and put in alternate layers with the vegetables and rice into a stout stone jar; pour in 3 qts. of water when you have seasoned the vegetables; fit a close cover on the jar, sealing around the edges with a paste of flour and water; set in the oven early in the day, and do not open for 6 hours; then pour into the tureen, and serve".

Hot Slaw

Cabbage finely shaved off the head, put in saucepan with water, vinegar, butter, red pepper, salt, little sugar, yolks of eggs; brought slowly to the boiling point; liquor is like thin custard; must not boil.

Cold Slaw A La Boiiemienne

Same as the preceding without eggs; boiled in the vinegar-water for 20 minutes.


See Wortleberry. .

Huitres (Fr)


Hure De Sanglier (Fr)

Boar's head.

Hire De Saumon (Fr)

Head and shoulders of salmon.

Iced Soups

Clear soups are sometimes served ice-cold, like iced tea or coffee, in consomme1 cups. "At a recent ball-supper given by the Rao of Cutch in London, iced soup was served, and eagerly devoured by the guests, who were regaled with true Indian curries and devilled chicken of superlative excellence".

Iced Puddings

Compound ice-creams, such as those containing fruit, nuts, cocoanut, rice, tapioca, etc., are sometimes called iced puddings; some ice mould. For several colors, or ice puddings, creams, etc. are composed of two parts in a mould as an outside of rice ice-cream with a filling of apple-ice. The best known is called Nesselrode, which see.

Iced Puddings 13

Iceland Moss

A lichen which serves the purpose of making jelly like gelatine.

Ice Making Machines

Artificial ice is made in almost every large town, even in the far south and the West Indies. Small machines for family use also are on sale. The freezing is effected by the rapid evaporation of ammonia, which produces intense cold in pipes which run through brine, which thus becomes cold enough to freeze fresh water that is set in it in cans. The ammonia is condensed and used over again. A complete hotel "plant" costs from $2,000 to $3,000.