The fruit of the cocoa-palm. Since the introduction of the desiccated cocoanut the uses have increased to an astonishing degree.

Cocoanut Pie Or Pudding

Fresh grated cocoa-nut, butter, sugar, 4 oz. of each, 4 whites, 1/2 glass brandy, 1 teaspoon orange-water; in a pastry crust.

Cocoanut Gingerbread

Made of 1 cup molasses, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup butter, 2 1/2 cups flour. 4 oz. desiccated cocoanut, 3 teaspoons powder, ginger; baked in cake pans.

Cocoanut Macaroons

(1)-Desiccated cocoanut, 8 oz.; sugar, 2 oz.; 2 whites stirred together; small drops on paper; light baked. (2)-Same way and weights as chocolate macaroons; cocoanut for chocolate.

Cocoanut Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca, S oz.; milk, 1 qt.; sugar, 4 oz.; eggs, 6; cocoanut, 4 oz.; baked.

Cocoanut Sponge Cakes

Small sponge cakes the usual way with little less flour and cocoanut in its place.

Cocoanut Small Cakes

Three cups sugar; 1 cup each butter, milk, cocoanut; 2 eggs; 2 spoons powder; flour to make dough to roll out; sugar on top before baking.

Cocoanut Madeleines

Small pound cakes dipped in diluted jam and rolled in grated cocoanut.

Cocoanut Genoises

Jelly cake with jelly on top and cocoanut upon that.

Cocoanut Jelly Roll

Outside of roll wetted with diluted jelly, roiled in cocoanut mixed with sugar.

Imperial Cocoanut Cake

Like Savoy cake with cocoanut; made of 1 lb. each sugar and cocoanut; yolks to make stiff paste; 9 whites, whipped firm, stirred in alternately with 8 oz. flour; baked in long tins; sugar over.

Cocoanut Ice Cream

Desiccated or fresh, stirred into the custard while hot, then frozen; best is fresh, grated in pure cream; not boiled. It is mixed also in banana ice-cream, in corn-starch pudding, in blanc mange, in orange pies, etc., etc.