The French coined word for that small minnow-like fish, the famous English whitebait.


To scald. It means to whiten, literally. To blanch almonds is to scald and peel them; to blanch parsley, chives, shallots and herbs is to plunge them a minute in boiling water that they may not go into the sauce raw.

Blanc Mange

Literally white-food. Cream or milk set with gelatine, an ounce to a quart, sweetened and flavored. When quite cold it is solid enough to be turned out of a mould and keep its shape on the table.


A sort of general designation for any dish of white meat having a white or creamy sauce and no other special flavoring or characteristic. There are blanquettes of veal, lamb, fowl and quail, but not of beef or dark meats.

Blanc De Volaille Aux Concombers

White meat of fowl, with cream sauce and cucumbers.

Blanquette D'Agneau

Small round slices of lamb and of ham or tongue, with white sauce, parsley; served in a baked shape of rice or bordered with fried crusts.

Blanquette De Ris De Veau Aux Truffes

Sweetbreads cut in round slices, with slices of truffles in cream • colored sauce, made of broth, cream, butter and yolks of eggs.


Often called Yarmouth bloaters; are smoked herrings, the town of Yarmouth having a special fame for them. The largest herrings are selected and mild-cured; not for long keeping. Their fatness causes them to bloat or swell while in the smoke, hence the name.


Culinary term; white broth. Soup liquor in which is no roasted or fried or dark-colored meats, though it be well seasoned otherwise. It is merely for use in rich cooking instead of hot water.

Blonde De Veau

Veal broth.


Also called huckleberries and whort'eberries; grow wild in the eastern and middle states. Used in all ways the same as blackberries.


Is split open same style as mackerel - down the back - and broiled.

Bluefish, White Wine Sauce

Cooked in pan with buttered paper over, pan containing white wine, broth, onion and aromatics; thickened when fish is done with flour-and-butter and egg yolks.

Bluefish, Matelote Sauce

Similar to the preceding; matelote is fish stew, and contains garlic, onions, mussels, anchovy essence, red pepper, lemon juice.

Fillets Of Bluefish A La Duxelles

Boneless sides spread with sauce, breaded and fried, served with Duxelles sauce round in the dish.

Bluefish In Season

From May till November.

Blue Point Oysters

Small, but plump oysters for serving raw; first so named from a particular locality near New York; now bred and cultivated to this requirement in various places.

Blue Point Oysters 11


The late Mr. Frank Buckland recommended boa-constrictor for its white and firm flesh, "tasting something like veal;" but it is to be observed that this enthusiastic naturalist's opinion is founded only on the fact that he "once ate" a sample. Possibly the extreme scarcity of boa-constrictor flesh in the markets was the cause of his subsequent abstinence.