Cheshire Cheese

English cheese of the same style as the staple York State and Western Reserve cheese of this country; large, medium rich, yellow, and generally of fine flavor.

Chevrettes (Fr)

Prawns; large shrimps; the Barataria shrimps.

Chevreuil (Fr)

Roebuck; venison.


Shredded vegetables for soups.


A man who gathers broken victuals from the kitchen, sorts and re-sells them.


Red pepper.

Chili Sauce

Made of 6 ripe tomatoes, 4 green peppers, 1 onion, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 oz. salt, 1 1/2 cups vinegar, chopped, boiled 1 hour.

Chili Colorado Sauce

Made of the Mexican sweet red pepper pods finely minced in a vinegar pickle; can be bought in bottles; favorite sauce with oysters, cold meats, etc.

Chine Of Pork

The fleshy and broad part of the back-bone, between the shoulders. It is roasted plain and served with apple sauce, and also stuffed in incisions with minced sage and onions.

Chinese Mutton

Cold mutton cut in pieces, stewed with butter, onion, chopped lettuce, green peas, seasonings. Boiled rice for border; meat in the center.

Chip Potatoes

Potatoes shaved as thin as paper; fried dry in lard.

Chipped Beef

Dried and smoked beef shaved extremely thin; Chipped Beef In.


Shaved dried beef parboiled, mixed in cream sauce.

Frizzled Beef

Dried-beef shavings warmed in butter.


A garnish of Italian origin. Consisting of small round sausages, chestnuts, mushrooms, pieces of bacon, carrots and turnips in a brown gravy with sherry. Served with various meats designated a la Chipolata.


The intestines of the pig are prepared in France as follows: Having been thoroughly well cleaned, they are pickled for from 6 to 12 hours in a brine flavored with thyme, coriander and bay leaves; taken out, and the pieces of meat which adhere to them are removed, cut up fine, and, with the smaller guts also cut into strips, are introduced into a larger gut, which when filled is tied at both ends. The whole is then cooked, great care being taken to prevent the skin from bursting. They are again placed in brine for three weeks, after which they are either smoked or kept in vinegar. Chitterlings are either broiled, fried or stewed to prepare them for the table.


A kind of green onion-tops, slender, pipe-like and deep green; used in soups and sauces.


Is cocoa paste free from oil, or nearly so, and pressed into cakes. Sweet chocolate is sugar and cocoa pounded together, usually fla -vored with vanilla, and pressed.

Royal Cream Chocolate

A soft kind of chocolate in cans; a beverage.

Chocolate Cakes

Grated chocolate, 4 oz..; pistachio nuts, 4 oz.; little sugar, vanilla, clove and cinnamon powdered; moistened with whites; baked in patty pans; decorated with cream, almonds, preserves.

Chocolate Pudding

Like pound cake, with chocolate mixed in; 1 lb. butter, I lb. sugar, 10 eggs, 2 oz. unsweetened chocolate, 14 oz. flour; steamed; chocolate cream for sauce.

Chocolate Meringue

A chocolate custard baked; the whites used to frost it over; eaten cold.


A substitute for jelly for layer cakes; chocolate, sugar and thick cream boiled; used cold.