An ornamental mould of vegetables, either cold or hot. (S<e illustration on page 117.) A cold decorative chartreuse is made by cutting cooked vegetables of different colors into blocks, heating them in aspic jelly and building them in patterns upon the interior of a mould, and filling the inside with green peas in jelly or any similar material.

Chasseur (Fr)


Chataignes (Fr)

Chestnuts, the small kind. Marrons are large chestnuts.


Name of a French statesman. First applied to fillet beefsteaks cooked between two ordinary steaks, their juice being squeezed over it for sauce; now it has come to mean simply a fillet (tenderloin) of beef, or slice of the fillet, with Chateaubriand sauce.

Chateaubriand Sauce

Brown meat gravy, or beef extract, mixed with butter, parsley and lemon juice.

Chaud (Fr)



An English variety of cheese.


Are not made of cheese, though the best of them are made with a proportion of the same curd of which the cheese is made; milk, curdled with rennet and drained in a cloth, is mixed with sugar, eggs, almonds, etc., and baked in patty pans lined with paste. They are small custard-tarts. They are all those things which the French call fanchonettes, mirletons, darioles and various other names grouped under one denomination in English. All the pie mixtures used in the United States, such as cocoanut pie, lemon pie, apple cream, orange cream, cheese-curd pie, bread-custard pie, etc., if baked in small pie pans or patty pans, are English cheese-cakes. (See cream c/itese).

Chef-De Cuisine (Fr)

Chief of the kitchen; chief cook; steward who cooks, or directs the cooking operations, as the case may be.


Scientific name for turtle, sometimes used as a synonym.

Chelsea Buns

Sweet coiled rolls, made of flour, milk, sugar, butter, yeast and yolks; the dough rolled out and spread with butter, rolled up and cut off in inch-thick pieces to make buns which will part in coils where the butter is. Sugared over.

Cheltenham Pudding

A baked plum-pudding, made of 6 oz. each suet and flour, 3 oz. each bread crumbs, sugar, currants, raisins, 2 eggs, powder, nutmeg, milk to mix it to stiff batter.

Frosted Cherries

Ripe cherries dipped in whipped white of egg and rolled in powdered sugar; dried on seives or paper.

Cherry Jelly

Gelatine jelly made with red-cherry juice and whole white cherries in it.

Flan De Cerises

Open cherry pie with custard on top of the fruit; cherry tarts, turnovers, vol-au-vents, etc., same as other fruit.

Cherry Fritters

Cherries stewed to preserves, a spoonful between two very thin slices of bread, dipped in batter, fried, sugared over.


One of the garden herbs used in cooking. These herbs will grow in any garden, and seed is obtainable at the large city seed-stores.

Chesterfield Cakes

A variation of lady-fingers, having caraway seeds sprinkled on top.

Chester Pudding

A meringued cheesecake, or fanchonette, made of equal parts sugar, almond paste, butter and raw yolks, mixed with little lemon rind and juice; baked in a crust; frosted over.