Crust Soup

Croute-au-Pot. (See soups).


Though generally eaten raw as a salad it is good to cook in various ways.

Cuisses (Fr)


Cuisses De Volaille A La Jardiniere

Legs of fowl boned, stuffed, braised, served with mixed vegetables in sauce.

Cuisses De Volaille A La Bayonnaise

Boned, fried with onions in oil, sauce added, bread crumbs over, browned in the oven.

Cuisses De Volaille Farcies Aux Petits Legumes

Boned, stuffed, braised, on a rice border with fancy shapes of vegetables-in a brown sauce.

Cuisses De Volaille A L'Ecaillere

Boned and stuffed with chopped oysters and crumbs, served with oyster sauce.

Cuisses D'Oie A La Lyonnaise

Legs of goose previously roasted, cut up, fried with onion, served with piquante sauce.

Salmis De Cuisses De Canetons

Legs of roast duck stewed in gravy with wine.

Cuisine (Fr)

Kitchen; cookery. Faire la Cuisine - to do the cooking.


Man cook.


Woman cook.


A professor of the culinary art; an expert in the literature and practice of cookery in all its branches.

Cullis Or Coulis

Broth of meat or fish unseasoned, for use in the preparation of dishes for the table. Blond bouillon or stock.

Cumberland Stew

American hotel specialty, made of 7 squirrels, 2 capons, 2 lbs. butter, 12 cans each corn and tomatoes, 2 cans lima beans, 4 loaves bread, salt, red pepper, 1 onion, 1 pin ine.

Squirrels and fowls cut up and half cooked in butter, water and wine, vegetables added, bread crumbed in; stewed constantly till sufficiently tender.

Culotte De Beef A La Flamande

Round of beef with Brussels sprouts and other vegetables glazed.


A cordial; syrup with orange and clove flavors, and alcohol, used in flavoring creams, jellies, sauces, and in mixed bar drinks and punches.


Any kind of meat, fish, game, or vegetables, [cooked with curry powder, is called a curry of that particular kind.

Curry Of Lamb

Some onions are fried brown in butter, then taken out; a tablespoonful curry powder wetted with water stirred into the onion-butter and cooked 10 minutes; meat cut small, an onion, an apple; all stewed in the curry sauce for one or two hours, with broth added if needed. The meat to be tender enough to be eaten with a spoon; browned onions mixed in; served with rice.


Zante Currants; a kind of small raisins used in fruit cake and puddings. The largest and cleanest are the most economical to buy, as the inferior grades are little else but dirt and stems. To clean currants, they should be washed in a perforated colander, set in a pan of water, and stirred around that the trash may fall through the holes.


Garden Currants are of three kinds and several varieties; the red and white are nearly alike and are used for the table and for cooking and making currant jelly; the black currant is distinct in flavor and used to a limited extent as a pie fruit and for wine. These currants only reach perfection in a moist and cold climate.

Green Currant Pudding

Currants before they are ripe pitked from stems, tilled into a bowl lined with short paste, well sugared, covered with a paste top; tied down in a cloth; boiled an hour or more.

Red Currant Jelly

Is made by boiling 1 pint expressed pulp and juice with I lb. sugar.