College Pudding

A plum-pudding mixture made up into balls size of an egg, floured, fried and served with wine sauce.

College Pudding Baked

Made of 6 oz. bread-crumbs, 3 oz. sugar, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 6 oz. each suet, currants, citron, little brandy and nutmeg.


(1)Minced beef same as beef sausage meat; same as Hamburg steak, except variations in the seasonings. (2) - Beefsteaks of small size. (3)-A slice of meat of any kind is called a collop in some places; synonymous with steak.

Column Cutters

Tubular cutters of the apple-corer shape are so called; they are put up in sets or nests, running from tke size of macaroni to an inch diameter. Used for cutting cork shapes of vegetables for chartreuses, pipe shapes for consommes, Cores and lozenges for potatoes to fry, to serve with fish, etc., and for stamping out round slices of beets for decorating salads, egg custards for soups, and the like.

Commutation Tickets

At restaurants; reduced rate tickets.


Crockery-ware fruit stand; a tall bowl.


The god of revelry; sometimes named in connection with feasting. The luxuries of the table are called the gifts of Comus.


That class of candies like sugared almonds, having a center covered by successive coats of sugar. Comfits mentioned in recipes to strew over cakes are extremely small, like seeds of various colors.

Congress Cake

Paris specialty. Made of 12 oz. sugar, 8 oz. butter, 9 oz. flour and starch (about half and half), 6 yolks; butter, yolks and half the sugar creamed together; rest of sugar added, and flour and flavorings; baked in a border msuld> center filled with jelly; served warm.


The racoon; American small wild animal; weight, 10 to 20 lbs.; is considered good game, but generally only plainly baked or stewed - country fashion.

Coq De Bruyere (Fr)

Black-game; a species of grouse.

Coquilles (Fr)


Coquille De Homard

Scalloped lobster served in the shell.

Coquilles De Moules

Mussels scalloped in scallop-shells.

Coquilles De Homard A La Creme

French specialty. The meat of a lobster cut in dice with the third of its volume of mushrooms; Bechamel sauce with the mushroom liquor, fish essence, cayenne; the lobster and mushrooms mixed in the sauce, put in scallop shells, bread crumbs on top, and butter to moisten; baked.

Coquilles Of Salmon A L'Italienne

Small slices of salmon with sauce, baked in silver scallop-shells, bread crumbs on top - scalloped salmon steaks.

Corbeille (Fr)


Corbeilles De Fruits

Baskets of fruit.

Corbeilles D'Amandes Pralinees

Baskets built of sugared almonds.


An alcoholic syrup of any flavor; a liqueur is flavored spirit without syrup.


A charge made for opening bottles of wine, service, use of glasses, etc., additional to the price of the wine.

Corne D'Abondance (Fr)

Horn of plenty; the cornucopia.

Cornichons (Fr)

Pickled cucumbers or gherkins.

Corn Ed Beef

Beef that is pickled in a saltpeter brine which makes it of a pink color distinct from piain salted beef.