Cake. The forms of gateaux are as various as the forms of cakes. The term means almost anything from a cream pie to an ornamented tall cake for a party.

Gateau Baba A La Montmorency

A rich yeast-raised cake baked in an ordinary tube cake mould, the top crust cut off and kirsch syrup poured into the cake; apricot jam spread thinly over, icing over that; made cold. When served the hollow filled with red currant ice cream and candied cherries.

Gateau Mazarin

A baba or yeast-raised cake, rich with butter and eggs, but without sugar, baked in a plain mould lined with almonds, split like a short-cake, when done, and thick rum pudding sauce, containing chopped citron and butter poured on both halves. The two saturated halves are then placed together and the cake served hot on a folded napkin. Suitable for ball suppers and large parties.

Gateau Genoise Aux Apricots

A jelly cake 6 or 8 inches high, half of it cut out from the center to form a well in the middle of the cake. Entire surface spread with apricot jam and decorated, served with apricot compote and whipped cream in the center.

Gateau De Amandes A La Parisienne

A sheet of puff paste with raised edges, filled with almond custard, covered with a thin top crust, egged over, sugared, baked.

Gateau A La D'Artois

Sameas the preceding if made with jam or marmalade.

Gateau De Flomb

A plain rich shortcake, made of 1 lb. flour, 1/2 lb. butter, 1 cup cream, 1 spoonful sugar, salt, egged over, baked like a large plain biscuit; eaten with butter and fruit.

Gateau Xapolitaine

Almond flavored jelly cake, iced and decorated.

Gateau A La Victoria

A light baba or yeast raised citron cake, served hot with almond custard.

Gateau Saint Louis

A puff paste sheet with raised edges filled with almond white frangi-pane, chopped almonds on top, baked; similar to white cocoanut pie.

Gateau Saint Charles

An almond cake baked in a mould lined with paste.

Gateau De Riz

Rice cake.

Gateau Be Mille Feuilles

Thousand leaf pastry; jelly cake made of baked sheets of puff paste piled on each other with jelly between.

Gateau Napoleon

Two sheets of puff paste baked thin and dry, spread between with frangipane; cut in pieces to serve.

Petits Gateaux

Small cakes.

Gateau Fauchette

A Paris specialty, made by removing the center from a freshly baked sponge cake, filling it with almond frangipane; turning it over on a dish, covering with meringue, with granulated sugar sifted over the surface, and baking sufficiently to slightly color the outside, spotted with currant jelly; served on a folded napkin, hot.

Gateau Reine Claude Or Stanley

A cake hollowed in the middle, spread over ("masked") with green-gage marmalade, filled with green-gage ice cream. (See Ices).

Paris Specialty

" Mem.: Spinach in slight quantities is very useful for giving a bright green color to such entremets as ices and creams. It is used in this way for "shading" Reine Claude ice cream, which would otherwise have a dull color. This Reine Claude cream is now much used for filling Stanley cakes, as the new fashionable entremets in Paris is called. The "gateau Stanley" is the invention of Chef Lu-cien Chardon, and is made with baked baba dough soaked in almond syrup, glazed with sugar-glazing and masked as above".