A specie of flat fish of which there are several varieties. (See Stale).

Richauffe (Fr)

A re-cooked dish; cooked meat served up in some fresh form. Equivalent to kedgeree.

Red Ants

Sprigs of winter-green or ground ivy will drive away red ants; branches of wormwood will do the same for black ants. The insects may be kept out of sugar barrels by drawing a wide chalk mark round the top near the edge. Spirits of turpentine will keep all insects from storerooms by putting a few drops in the corners and upon the shelves. Cocoa sprinkled about the places infested by red ants will very soon drive them away.


Local Louisiana name of the sea bass or channel bass. It is pale red when freshly caught, but not red like the snapper.

Redhead Duck

Ranks next to canvas-back in quality; is often substituted for it; cooked in the same ways.

Reform, Sauce

Named for the formerly famous Reform Club of London where Soyer officiated and Ude before him. It is poivrade sauce combined with port wine and currant jelly.

Reine (Fr)


Patties A La Reine

Queen patties.

Potage A La Reine

Queen's soup, or to the queen's taste.

Reine Claude (Fr)

Green-gage plum.

Reine Claude Ice

See Ices and Gateaux.


See Appetizers.

Remoulade, Sauce

Same as ravigote in appearance, made of hard-boiled yolks pounded with mustard, oil and vinegar, and minced garlic and parsley.

Renaissance (A La)

Newly -made, reformed, made over again. Applied only to whole fishes or birds, or complete pieces, like a boar's head, which are formed in natural shape again by the cook.

Revenir Or Faire Revenir

Short ex-pression used in French recipes to indicate the preliminary half-frying of the ingredients, which is practiced in three-fourths of the dishes prepared by French methods. The outside of the meat and vegetables are quickly fried and after that the stewing begins, stock and wine being added to the former contents of the saucepan.

Rice Flour

Ground rice makes white and delicate pastries.

Rice Flour Cheesecakes

One-half pound ground rice, 1/2 pt. milk; boiled together like paste; 3/4 lb. each sugar and butter, 5 eggs, flavor, mixed with the rice-paste; baked in patty-pans lined with paste.

Ground Rice Bulla

One-half pound each butter, sugar and rice-flour, 2 eggs, 1% lbs. flour, 1 oz. carb. ammonia, 1/2 pt. milk; made up like pound-cake, cut off in rounds, dipped in sugar, baked.

Ground Rice Cake

Four eggs, 1/4 lb. flour, 1/4 lb. pounded loaf-sugar, 1/4 lb. butter, teacup of ground rice, teaspoonful baking-powder. Beat the eggs, flour and sugar well for a quarter of an hour, adding the rice-powder and butter last of all. Bake three quarters of an hour in a hot oven.

Richelieu Garnish

Quenelles of chicken, cockscombs and slices of fat livers in brown onion sauce. Dishes finished with this are a la Richelieu.

Rillettes De Tours

Cold cakes of meat of the head-cheese order. At the Paris ham fairs the rillette makers build up fancy pyramids of small rillettes and decorate them. The cakes are made as follows: 4 lbs. of lean meat is added to 6 lbs. of bacon or caul, the whole being chopped fine and seasoned with salt, spices, and bay-leaves. The mixture is then cooked in a vessel, care being taken to stir it until it is finished, to prevent pieces attaching to the bottom of the saucepan. The fat is skimmed off, the meat chopped, put into earthenware dishes, the liquor poured over. Eaten cold.