The old term for Garnish. (See Garnishes.) A ragout is a rich compound stew, the components being all in small morsels.

Raie (Fr)

Ray or skate, sea fish.

Raie A La Noisette

Cut in pieces without bone, boiled, served in butter sauce with the pounded liver of the fish and tarragon vinegar.

Raifort (Fr)


Raised Pies

See Pates, Pies.

Raisins (Fr)


Glace Eau De Raisins

Grape water ice.

Tarte De Raisins Verts

Green grape pie.

Raisins De Corinthe (Fr)

Zante currants.

Raisine De Bourgogne

Ripe pears boiled in grape juice, the juice previously boiled down to double strength like a natural syrup, the pears, when done stewing, further reduced by baking in jars.


An English Americanism. At a dinner in Philadelphia a few years ago some one asked nn English lord, who was one of the guests, if he would take his duck rare. "Rare, rarer" queried the noble lord; "now there is another of your Americanisms, which makes it so difficult to understand you; and pray, what do you mean by rare?" There-was a good American present who promptly piped out from the other end of the tabic: " We mean by rare, my Lord, what Dryden meant when he wrote: 'Roast me quickly an egg, and see that it be rare".


The bakers rasp off the brown crust of loaves which may be too dark and the raspings are used to give a browned appearance to some baked dishes and to roasted hams.


A cordial strongly flavored with the kernels of stone fruits; made by steeping some hundreds of kernels of peaches, apricots, nectarines and cherries in a gallon of brandy with a pound of loaf sugar, for several months. Used for flavoring liquors, drinks, ice cream, etc.


Small macaroons often named in cookery directions, made of 3 oz. sweet almonds, 2 oz. bitter almonds, 2 whites, 1 dessert spoonful brandy in the almonds while pounding, 8 oz. sugar. Drops size of 5 cent piece dropped on paper and baked; see Macaroons - these are the same more highly flavored. Used as cakes, but also as flavorings in puddings and creams.

Ravigote Sauce

Rarigole Verrte, Mayon-naise sauce made green with a mixture of chopped parsley, chives, chervil, tarragon and shallot and spinach green or parsley juice.

Ravigote Sauce Hot

White butter sauce containing vinegar and finely chopped parsley, tarragon and chervil.


See Italian Cookery.

Raw Steak

Sometimes ordered by invalids. "In certain parts of Germany and France, a 'delicacy' is much patronized by a great many people which is eaten absolutely raw. A raw steak (as fresh as it can be got) is minced, mixed with finely chopped shallots and parsley, and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. A raw egg is broken over this, mess, and the dainty dish is placed before one, with oil and vinegar to add as fancy may dictate".

Scraped Raw Steak

As called for in American hotels the steak is generally required to be scraped with a sharp knife from a broad round steak, it being a pulp of raw meat, the seasoning depends upon the order.